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Whether your company needs greenhouse software or an enterprise system that integrates your entire business, Practical Software Solutions can help you find the right fit.

✅  We help large-scale growers.

Whether you operate in greenhouses, fields, or both, Grower Vertical can integrate your entire business from the front office to your growing operation and beyond.

✅  Helping every grower find the right software.

Whether Grower Vertical is the right fit for your company or not, we will make sure your business finds the right software for your needs.

✅  We build relationships on integrity.

We will be up-front about our prices, our software and our capabilities — always. As a reputable supplier to the horticulture and agriculture industries, we will never sell you a product or service you do not need or want.

Take Your Business to the Next Level

Our job as your expert consultant is to make selecting, implementing, and harnessing the power of your horticulture & agriculture software solutions a seamless process that takes your business to the next level. Our horticulture & agriculture industry experts can help you with:

  • Our people have learned to use the tool and it’s made them better employees
    and more productive employees. And I can’t correlate that into an exact number on the bottom
    line, but I know it’s big and it’s important for what we’re trying to get done.

    – Abe V.W.

  • Practical Solutions has an “amazing” customer service and tech team.
    They are very helpful in getting companies onboarded and teaching the ins and outs
    of software while assisting with integration with other platforms. This makes your experience
    with Sage Products as productive and “Practical” as possible. Practical Solutions is highly
    responsive to service requests in times of crisis with an understanding that downtime
    is unacceptable.

    – Jim A.

  • Practical has been a good choice for us as an implementation and support partner.
    I know their familiarity with other Marmon companies, their relationships with at least 20
    principals of other Marmon companies, and knowledge of our business management processes
    has helped them help us better predict the true outcome of our IT system investments.
    And we’ve been quite happy with those outcomes.

    – John B.

  • The (Value Added Reseller) needed to understand where we were coming from
    and where we were going. That’s really key to a successful implementation. You have to
    understand your data and have your data be as clean as it can possibly be. It’s a huge change
    when going from a legacy system to an integrated ERP system:
    You can put the data at users’ fingertips.

Industry-Specific Accounting Solutions

Grower Vertical

Grower Vertical is available in a web-native format, which allows your entire business management system to be accessed anytime, anywhere from any connected device with a browser. This means all of your business can be mobile, instead of just a handful of apps. Whether you grow and sell ornamentals, plugs or vegetables, Grower Vertical gives you the capabilities to handle financials, inventory, shipping, logistics planning, production, and wireless warehouse management all in one system.

Scan By Cart

Scan by Cart, an add-on for Grower Vertical, was developed by Practical Software Solutions in partnership with Young’s Plant Farm of Auburn, Ala., after one of Young’s big-box retailers expanded its UPC system. Scan by Cart helps automate the shipping process by rebuilding sales orders and generating all of the shipping orders, documents, and labels as the product is loaded onto the truck. This is done with the use of hand-held devices and bar code technology.

Space Management

Developed with Jolly Farmer Products, the Space Management module receives production information from a business system and calculates item quantities, facility square footage and environmental parameters within your facilities. It then creates a map of available space for any particular crop. The module then feeds the planning information back into the business system, producing detailed instructions for where new products should be placed. From within the system, you can see current and future space utilization by growing environment.


Vendors that supply big-box retailers are bombarded with massive amounts of point-of-sale data. This critical information can be overwhelming and is often completely ignored.

DemandLink offers a way to translate this data into useful, easy-to-understand information, improving retail forecasting and replenishment.

With more than 35,000 points of data, DemandLink offers the most accurate insights into current and historical trends that affect seasonal consumer goods.

Built to Your Industry’s Standard

Our software delivers a complete, integrated solution to improve business processes for improved efficiency, better control of projects and financials, and accurate, transparent data for better planning and decision making. Just choose the deployment that best suits your needs: on-premise or cloud.

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