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We take the time to get to know our clients. What does this mean? We meet with every department. We ask in-depth questions about your business. Then, we listen.

Our objective is to learn about your business and what makes you successful in your marketplace.

During the discovery process, Practical Software Solutions will:

  • Schedule face-to-face meetings with the executive team
  • Tour your facility
  • Meet with department managers of each of the affected departments
  • Discuss current infrastructure with IT personnel

Implementation Methodology

At Practical Software Solutions, we use our time-tested implementation methodology to help ensure every project stays on budget and on schedule.

How does it work?

First, we ask you to define a “successful implementation,” then work with you every step of the way to achieve your goal. The building blocks of a successful implementation include:

  • Clear objectives
  • Upper management support
  • Dedicated resources
  • Proper planning and education
  • Vendor methodology project management

Next, we define the project scope, which guides the project team in meeting the agreed-upon goals. Through a series of discussions, we review the scope of the integrated plan, the procedures and the kickoff:

  • Lay the foundation — Transition from sales to services, business analysis, project planning, etc.
  • Plan the details — Plan system operations, plan data conversion and interfaces, detail design, etc.
  • Implementation — Procedures and testing preparation, convert and modify interface, system test, training, etc.
  • Rollout — Parallel processing, live processing
  • Analyze results — System review

The result is a tailored solution that fits the needs of your company.

  • Schedule face-to-face meetings with the executive team
  • Tour your facility
  • Meet with department managers of each of the affected departments
  • Discuss current infrastructure with IT personnel

Comprehensive Training

Practical Software Solutions believes that training on your new business software system is essential to a successful implementation. We are committed to providing our customers with a comprehensive training program that is convenient and easily accessible. We provide you with the skills necessary to understand and maintain your software system.

Whether you prefer online or on-site training, we will customize your training program to meet your needs. Additionally, we provide all our clients with on-line tech support, so you can receive real-time answers from a trained technician. We also invite our clients to attend periodic conferences and interactive webcasts that detail the latest updates on their software.

On-site training

Our technical staff can provide classroom training either at your site or at our training facility in Concord, North Carolina. Practical operates an Authorized Training Center which provides you an assurance of quality that spans curricula, workbooks, and specially certified instructors.

Online training

Practical Software Solutions and Sage offer convenient online training, allowing more of your employees access to learn about your Sage software. Whether your company has just installed a Sage product, you’ve added an Sage Endorsed Solution, or you’ve hired new employees, online training can help bring the classroom to you.

Real-time learning

Sage University offers real-time learning courses for all of its major software titles and add-ons. These prescheduled classes occur throughout the year and offer full remote training classes for all Sage customers. Practical Software Solutions also offers its training classes online.

Anytime learning

If real-time learning doesn’t fit your schedule, Sage University also offers pre-recorded sessions of many of its popular training classes. This way, your employees can attend classes anytime, anywhere according to their schedule.

Community support

Born out of a request at Sage Summit 2012 for more networking opportunities, Sage City Online offers a community effort to provide advice, assistance, and guidance by and for customers, partners, and Sage technical staff. Find support and business insights through message boards, blog posts, and many other resources. Sage City is your one-stop portal to give and receive help in the Sage Community.

Tailored Customization

We understand that each customer’s business requirements are unique. In certain cases, the “out of the box” solution will not accommodate all of your business requirements without enhancement.

Making the system yours and making it work for you is our goal. You can count on Practical Software Solutions to tailor a solution that is right for your business. Our certified developers have the expertise and tools to offer you options to address your immediate and future business needs. We work with you to determine the best solution.

Practical provides products to enhance your solution and can also develop new applications that seamlessly integrate with your current system — built to your specifications.

Customization examples:

  • Grower Vertical – Combined with the power of Sage, Grower Vertical provides a fully integrated system specifically designed for the horticulture industry. With financials, inventory, shipping, logistics planning, production, and wireless warehouse management, Grower Vertical works whether you sell ornamentals, young plants, or edibles.
  • eRequisition – eRequisition allows companies to transact business over the internet or their intranet, allowing employees to process requisition requirements from an easy-to-use interface. This module streamlines the requisition process and reduces the amount of paperwork that flows through the office.
  • eTimeClock – eTimeClock replaces the traditional time clock, allowing employees to clock in or out over the internet or through their intranet. It also allows employees to clock in and out of work orders in their Sage product. eTimeClock entries can be imported directly into Sage HRMS.

    Continued Support

    At our core, we are dedicated to your success.

    We go the extra mile, serving as your trusted project manager, guiding you through best-in-class implementation, and providing comprehensive training. Our commitment extends beyond these fundamental roles; we also bring invaluable industry expertise to the table. Your success is our mission, and we’re here to ensure you achieve it.

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