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Bringing the newest version of Sage X3 to FABTECH 2019

One of my uncles, a lifelong athlete-turned-coach, has horrible knees. He’s had several knee replacement surgeries during his adulthood. After his first surgery at a relatively young age, knowing he would eventually need more knee replacements, his doctor told him to wait as long has he could stand it before… Read more »

Confirmed: Paltrow, Kutcher speaking at Sage Summit

The Sage community was abuzz last Friday when our fellow Sage partner Klear Systems had the scoop on the list of Sage Summit Featured Conversation speakers. I did a bit of poking around, and my contacts at Sage were able to confirm that this list is accurate*. So with this confirmation, allow… Read more »

Customer training becomes a learning experience

Being the marketing director here at Practical Software Solutions is like being a utility infielder in baseball: You have to know a lot about many products, but you never really become an expert at one. That’s not to say that I wouldn’t mind being an expert in every software title… Read more »