Going Paperless Can Solve These 4 Problems for Manufacturers

08 March, 2022

DocLink helps you go paperless and to automate tasks in any department – accounts payable, accounts receivable, human resources, legal, IT and more – streamlining operations and improving visibility and control over your entire document lifecycle.

By eliminating manual processes for many day-to-day tasks, you’ll benefit from better communication with your customers, vendors and employees.

Here are four problems businesses can solve with DocLink:

1. Disparate business data
DocLink brings all types of documents and data into one central repository that’s easy to access (you don’t have to be in your Sage ERP system). Our robust solution digitally captures any document for any process, allowing you to eliminate storage silos, and search and retrieve whatever you need.

Going paperless can help improve visibility throughout your organization: Imagine the time it would take to track one customer’s activity through these stacks of papers.

2. Inefficient workflows
DocLink provides powerful, configurable workflows that allow you to control your processes through automation. From invoices that arrive at various locations to PO processing, or putting HR applications through a review process, it’s possible to create and automate anything.

3. Lack of visibility
DocLink provides the visibility you need to more closely monitor workflow status and track pending documents stuck in workflows. This allows to you take advantage of early pay discounts, manage audit trails of changes from your team, improve financial reporting and streamline accounting, regardless of multiple locations or even multiple departments.

4. Operational inefficiencies
DocLink can help streamline essential tasks throughout your organization, from data entry and payments and approvals, to reconciliations and matching. You can also support a mobile and remote workforce by giving them the ability to capture, access, approve and send documents, no matter where they are working.

DocLink has a large variety of features that seamlessly integrate into your Sage ERP system, including Document Management, Smart Forms, Document Capture, Mobile and Remote Access, Workflow and Document Processing and Automated Delivery.

Are you interested in learning more about DocLink? Click here for more information.

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