New Features on Sage Summit 2016 Website

To say we’ve been busy around here the last few weeks is an understatement. Of course, we’re always busy this time of year.

Preparing for our two biggest events of the year, Cultivate’16 and Sage Summit 2016, takes a lot of effort. And this year, we’re revamping our Grower Vertical booth for Cultivate’16, so we have some added work on top of our usual preparation.

Yesterday morning, however, I caught a glimpse of a notification that there were some new things added to Sage Summit 2016. I thought I would take a quick break from editing videos for Cultivate to see what was going on with Sage Summit.

Sage Summit Website Redesign Shows Off New Features

There’s been some new features added to the Sage Summit 2016 website since the last time I looked at it about a week and a half ago. Most noticeable is the countdown clock on the front page. (As of writing this sentence, there’s 51 days, 15 hours, 41 minutes and 34 seconds left until Sage Summit.)

Also, since the keynote speakers and the entertainment have been announced, they’ve been added to the front page as well. There’s also a few more items under the Why Attend drop-down menu, including a FAQ section. (A quick special thanks to Sage 100 guru Wayne Schulz for sharing this tidbit on social media.)

The main Agenda page has been transformed into a nice process flow diagram (a nod to several of the Sage products that use this type of menu structure). Also, the session catalog has been moved out of the Agenda drop-down menu and has been given its own spot on the main menu.

That reminds me: A few Sage Summit alumni have asked me where they register for sessions on this year’s website. (Truthfully, I was a bit confused when I went to sign up for sessions, too.) In years past, you would be taken to a separate website for registration, but this year, the whole agenda is not “hidden behind a paywall,” so to speak. Anyone who visits the Sage Summit website can see all the sessions are available. This is great for people who have to convince their bosses (or themselves) of the value of attending.

All you have to do is click on the plus sign icon next to the date of the first session you want to choose, and a pop-up window will ask for your registration info. It’s the same as your main Sage Summit registration login. After that, you’re logged on and you can add additional classes to your agenda.

Airfare discounts have also been added to the Venue & Travel section (now under Why Attend). Pro tip: If you’re in the United States, don’t click on the links under the Delta and United tabs. I made that mistake (not noticing it was for international travelers only) and was left trying to figure out how a $4,900 plane ticket from Charlotte to Chicago was a discount. Pro tip: If you go to Delta’s home page and use the promo code listed on the Sage Summit website , you’ll get $50 off for a domestic flight. I didn’t try the United code, but there’s a chance that will work too.

Mentor Neighborhood: New feature added to Sage Summit

New Feature Mentor Neighborhood

Look, it’s a new feature! Mentor neighborhoods at Sage Summit 2016.

One of the things I was going to mention as a new feature to the Sage Summit website is the Mentor Neighborhood. There’s one small rectangle highlighting this new feature on the home page with this description:

Who doesn’t need a little guidance from someone who’s been there before? Meet one-on-one with experts in their field, including local Chicago business leaders and business professionals, analysts, industry experts, and more. Register onsite for a private 30-minute appointment or drop in for a roundtable discussion and get advice on starting, growing, or expanding your business.

After an e-mail exchange (and some good-natured fun on Twitter) with Danielle Cote, the vice president for event marketing at Sage, I found out a lot more about the Mentor Neighborhood than I was expecting. This is going to be huge. And unfortunately, this is going to have to wait for another blog post. I know, I know — big tease. But this is going to deserve its own blog post, and we’re coming to the end of this one already.

So I’ll leave this blog post with the famous quote: “Always leave them wanting more.”

2 thoughts on “New Features on Sage Summit 2016 Website

  1. Danielle Cote

    Thanks for noticing the new website Practical team! We are very pleased as well — and it’s only going to get better. If your customers aren’t signed up yet for Sage Summit there’s still time!! Look forward to meeting all of you. Amanda and Practical team are some of my favorite peeps!

    1. Amanda Tomaini Lamela Post author

      You’re welcome, Danielle! Just returning the favor since the folks at Sage took time to notice our new website a few months ago. We’ve got a few more customers hoping to register, so we’re hoping as well they’ll be able to join us.


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