Shut Up and Dance during Sage Summit celebration

Earlier this week, I felt like the uncoolest person on the face of the planet. I mean, I felt so unhip, I needed a belt to keep my pants up. Thank goodness the folks over at Sage Summit picked me up earlier today:

Ok, that’s one convention’s opinion. And I appreciate it. But maybe they’ll change their minds when I make this confession: I didn’t know who Walk the Moon was. I do know they’re going to be the headliners at the Sage Summit 2015 closing celebration.

(Of course, after my initial reaction of, “Who are they?” my next thought was, “That’s funny, Sage usually doesn’t make these sorts of announcements on a Monday.” Of course, it was Tuesday, making me feel even more ridiculous.)

So there I was, feeling every bit of old as my soon-to-be 41 years. If there were some kids nearby when I first saw this news, I’m sure I would have yelled at them to get off my lawn. But maybe this explains why I haven’t heard of Walk the Moon: Even my husband can’t understand why I listen to the ’60s channel on satellite radio instead of current music. (It’s not that I have anything against today’s music. I’ve just always loved Oldies.)

But luckily, in this day and age, it doesn’t take much to catch up on current events, thanks to the Interwebs. And it looks like Sage has once again scored big with their entertainment for Sage Summit. Turns out, Walk the Moon is one of the hottest acts in the country, earning a No. 1 single (“Shut Up and Dance”) from their album “Talking is Hard,” which was released in December.

Now that’s a catchy tune! We had a great time dancing to the Neon Trees when they performed at Sage Summit last year, so I know this will be another great opportunity to kick back and relax after a week of learning. (No, I won’t be sitting in a corner telling those kids to turn that noise down. I’m not that uncool.)

Sage Summit closing

No really … the Neon Trees are on the stage!

Sometimes I do forget that I’m outside of the social norm for my choice in music. And there’s probably some country fans, heavy metal fans, and rap fans who will be attending Sage Summit who haven’t heard of Walk the Moon either. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Same can be said when Sage Summit was in Nashville in 2012, and country superstars Montgomery Gentry was the main act for the closing celebration at the Grand Ole Opry. That’s the magic of music: In an event like this, people can put aside their tastes in music to enjoy a good beat and each other’s company.

So congrats to Sage for booking another top-tier act for Sage Summit. And thanks for thinking I’m cool.

Sage Summit Twibbon

Sage Summit TwibbonSo you may be wondering what all the cool kids are doing that I referenced in the Tweet above. If you’re on Twitter, Sage has created a Twibbon campaign for Sage Summit attendees. If you notice the orange strip along the bottom of our Twitter profile picture, it’s a ribbon that reads, “I’m going to #SageSummit!”

If you follow this link, you can have the Twibbon added to your profile picture as well.

It doesn’t really do anything except put that Twibbon there. Although, it does look pretty cool when you see all the people scroll by with their Twibbon in the #SageSummit feed. And, I wouldn’t put it past those folks at Sage to turn this into a contest.1

1Disclaimer: This is just me — Amanda J. Lamela — guessing. I have heard nothing from anyone at Sage about this. On my honor. Promise. Cross my heart.

Another Sage Summit promo code

The beauty of having TweetDeck up on my second screen is the ability to keep up with current events (yeah, yeah, it’s ironic) and news from Sage. For instance, Gene Marks Tweeted out a promo code for Sage Summit about an hour ago.

Gene, a nationally syndicated columnist and business owner, will be one of the featured speakers at Sage Summit. He’ll be involved in Session TL-143: “The next 2 years: Your growth and opportunities and the latest political, economic, and technological trends that will dominate your business through 2017.”

And because we’re friends, I’ll share the Tweet with you so you can save some money on your registration:

No more excuses! Go register for Sage Summit before it’s too late.

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