Sage Summit registration begins March 3

So apparently, there are two things I do on a snow day: Build a snowman and write a blog post. (Granted, this time around, I didn’t actually build the snowman — my next-door neighbors did. But I did provide the all-important charcoal briquettes for the eyes and nose.)

Snowman 2015

Last night, my next-door neighbors built this snowman. (I helped! I gave them the charcoal!)

Looking back at the posts I wrote last year while I was trapped at home during “Snowmageddon,” I had already started talking about Sage Summit details. Even though I’ve been talking about Sage Summit 2015 already this year, Sage hasn’t released details like they did for the 2014 event.

Granted, Sage had to start announcing details earlier than normal last year due to some special circumstances. Sage announced an early Sage Summit 2014 sign-up period for $99 starting in December 2013, and then announced hotels would start around $85/night. As soon as we announced those deals to our customers, they began to ask us for more information: They were clamoring to sign up but wanted more details before they committed. (And, of course, Sage obliged and provided as many details as they could without spoiling their surprises.)

However, last year, people had to wait until the beginning of April to register for Sage Summit. This year is a bit different: Earlier this week, Sage announced that registration for Sage Summit 2015 will start March 3.

Sage Summit 2015

Registration for Sage Summit 2015 in New Orleans will begin on Tuesday, March 3.

Some of you may be thinking to yourselves that Sage has already started registration for this year’s event in New Orleans. Technically, no. Right after Summit last year, Sage announced a special $99 sign-up period for people who signed up a second person at the same price. Also, a few weeks ago, Sage announced another sign-up period in February. However, these sign-up periods were actually to just put your name on a list to lock in discounted rates and not an actual registration for Sage Summit.

March 3 is the real deal. When Sage Summit registration begins, you’ll be able to pay for your registration and make reservations at the preferred hotels at discounted rates. Sage usually begins to open up about what will be in store for Sage customers and partners when registration begins, too. Last year when registration began, they announced the all-star lineup of celebrity entrepreneurs and business people (Ervin “Magic” Johnson, Karl Rove,  Biz Stone, etc.) who would appear in the keynote roundtable discussions.

If you didn’t get a chance to sign up for Sage Summit 2015 during one of the special discount periods, don’t worry. Sage always begins with an Early Bird registration period, so there’s still some  big discounts to be had. Also, for those of you who did sign up already, be sure to go the Sage Summit website and register because you haven’t officially registered yet.

The one thing I wouldn’t look for just yet is the session catalog. They work hard on the session catalog, and sometimes it takes until about May to deliver. And even then, the folks at Sage work hard to add and adjust sessions as needed after its first published. But I would look to the Sage Summit website on March 3 for an idea of what general business tracks will be there.

So until Tuesday, when we get our first look at what’s going to happen at Sage Summit, I can dream of the Big Easy while waiting for the snow to melt.

2 thoughts on “Sage Summit registration begins March 3

  1. Danielle Cote

    Amanda, once again I find myself enjoying your blog post. Thank you for writing about Sage Summit and inspiring your customers and readers to start marking their calendars for an epic event. And I mean epic! You talk about surprises — there will be many, many more in 2015. But all that aside, the one change to your blog post that I want to share is that we have shared some of the training courses that will be offered at 2015. We are adding more but there are many that have been launched with registration this year. Let’s talk so I can also share what’s so great about this year’s You-Based Training initiative. I think you and your customers will love it!

    1. Amanda Tomaini Lamela Post author

      Wow! Thanks for the info and for all you do! Let me go get my editing pen out and correct that! 🙂


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