Sage Inspire Tour kicks off on East Coast

Being sick is a drag. A stone-cold drag.

OK, 1960s lingo aside, it’s amazing how much passes you by when you’re sick in bed for two straight days. Phone rings and beeps from messages and e-mails? I’ll get it later. Election results? Sports scores? I’ll find out eventually.

It’s also amazing how decompressed you feel after being forced to unplug for two days. Then again, my anxiety kicked up because I had an important project at work that I had to finish, so I drove to the office yesterday to get my laptop and finish my work from home. Still, the whole afternoon was a blur, even though I finished my project.

So here I am, back in the office again, feeling a bit better and trying to catch up on everything. Those two days of not giving a tinker’s cuss about anything are now catching up with me. I fired up TweetDeck only to remember that the second Sage Inspire Tour event happened yesterday in Philadelphia.

Well, rats. I guess I did miss some important stuff.

Sage Inspire Tour event in Philadelphia

The Sage Inspire Tour 2015 kicked off this week with stops in Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia (above). Yesterday’s event in Philly had a very nice turnout. (Photo courtesy of Ed Kless)


The Sage Inspire Tour is a series of free, one-day symposiums designed to be like a mini-Sage Summit. The events feature product-specific and product-neutral sessions based on the important business topics of the day. And, just like at Sage Summit, there’s also a keynote speech, an expo hall with third-party vendors, free breakfast and lunch, and drawings for prizes.

I’m really excited about following all of the Sage Inspire Tour 2015 events, because the tour will be making its way to our backyard in Charlotte, North Carolina, on March 12. It’s great having representatives from Sage here (and in all of the tour stop cities for that matter) at an event that will have a fraction of customers than Sage Summit. It gives the Sage people a chance to have more one-on-one time with their customers, so they can hear the ups and downs, the good and bad, and have more meaningful conversations.

Sage Inspire Tour becoming more meaningful

When the first iteration of the Sage Inspire Tour started a few years ago (I think it was even called something else back then), we attended the Atlanta symposium with a few of our customers. I remember Monica Stancik from Nashville Wire Products saying that it was a fairly decent event, but it felt like a bit of a repeat of Sage Summit. She did, however, mention at the time that it would be completely worth the trip for someone who couldn’t make it to Summit.

At first glance at both the agenda for the Sage Inspire Tour and at my social media feeds, there does seem to be much more meat on the bone during these events. Granted, as Monica said, there does seem to be a bit of overlap of the types of sessions you’ll see at Sage Summit. However, I don’t recognize some of the session titles, and many of them would be of great benefits to all of our customers, whether they attend Sage Summit or not:

  • “Affordable Care Act: How Sage is helping with requirements” — Everyone with a business of more than 50 employees is going to have to keep an eye on this in the short term.
  • “How to protect yourself against noncompliant vendors and subcontractors” — This is one our construction and real estate and horticulture customers should keep an eye on.
  • “Would your business benefit from a mobile strategy?” — Interesting topic. Some people think that they have to go out and get the most up-to-date technology, even if it doesn’t fit in with their business model.

It looks like Sage has added a new wrinkle to the tour this year as well. Instead of doing road-map sessions for specific products, the last sessions of the day are called “Getting the most from your system” for Sage 100 ERP, Sage 300 ERP, Sage 500 ERP, and Sage Construction and Real Estate.

This is great news, considering that several of our customers told Sage that they would like to see more hands-on, educational sessions about their specific products and not just what’s-on-the-horizon sessions. I keep telling our customers to tell Sage if you’d like to see something done differently, because they’re not going to know unless someone tells them.

It’s also great news because it shows that this isn’t a Sage ERP-only conference. There are plenty of sessions for Sage Construction and Real Estate customers. And even though there isn’t a hands-on session, there is still plenty of info for Sage HRMS customers.

So if you see the Sage Inspire Tour coming to your city, I highly recommend you attend. Or you can plan a trip to come to Charlotte in March and hang out with us. Either way, it’ll be worth your time.

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