5 Ways TaxBandits Reduces Your 1099 Processing Time in Sage Intacct

It’s the end of the year and accounting professionals everywhere are getting ready to file 1099s for their companies. But how do you know if you’re processing these tax documents as fast as you can while maintaining security and accuracy?

The best way for any company to maintain speed, security, and accuracy is automation. For Sage Intacct customers, TaxBandits powers its 1099 E-filing to provide a streamlined solution. By automating your 1099 reporting process, you can e-file with the IRS and state (if necessary), distribute your recipient copies, and maintain your records with ease.

TaxBandits for Sage Intacct

TaxBandits for Sage Intacct Helps your accuracy and speed when filing year end 1099s.

Here are five ways TaxBandits reduces your 1099 processing time in Sage Intacct:

  1. Automate the process by securely syncing Sage Intacct 1099 to TaxBandits. A secure linkup can prevent future hassle and workload from possible cyberattacks.
  2. You can accurately e-file in minutes with automated forms. Not only is there no spreadsheet files or data manipulation needed, but also you can prevent the errors and omissions that come with adjusting data on the fly while trying to work at speed.
  3. TaxBandits’ automated validation catches common filing errors. This allows you to submit error-free information returns the first times. Automated validation helps pick up speed by avoiding penalties and corrections – plus multiple filing fees.
  4. The tedious busy work associated with filing 1099s will disappear as well. Eliminate hours of administrative time when TaxBandits manage printing, stuffing, and mailing for you.
  5. You can also get fast and easy access to filing status to the IRS and your state directly in Tax Bandits.

Do you want to pick up speed on submitting your 1099 forms while maintaining accuracy and security? What about saving a bit of money too. Sage Intacct customers receive a 10 percent discount on filing fees and free online recipient copies.

Contact Practical Software Solutions today to find out how you can subscribe to Sage Intacct E-Filing powered by TaxBandits.

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