DemandLink earns recognition for forecasting, replenishment

Being in business — whether you’re an entrepreneur, a small business, or a Fortune 500 company — is not a solo journey. Even if you’re business for yourself, the people you meet along the way form a network of support. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, your contacts become your friends.

Over the years, this has been the case with many of our customers and business associates. For some of our long-distance friends, getting together at an event like Sage Summit is like going to a family reunion. Others closer to home are invited over for dinner or on a fishing trip — oftentimes not to discuss business but just to enjoy fellowship.

We shed tears when a tragic event happens to one of our customers and we celebrate with successes and victories.

That said, we were excited to see that our friends over at DemandLink were named one of the 20 Most Promising Demand & Forecasting Technology Solution Providers by CIO Review.

“Our team works relentlessly to keep us on the forefront of accuracy and usability, it is great to see all of their hard work recognized like this,” said DemandLink CEO John Garren.

The article has a great description of what DemandLink does:

Built by a team with decades of experience in demand planning, forecasting, and replenishment services for seasonal and perishable goods, DemandLink is helping retail companies access and implement more accurate forecasts. The company provides next-generation demand planning, replenishment solutions, and a full suite of BI tools for both seasonal and perishable goods to scale and analyze data by leveraging the power of the cloud, machine learning, and cutting-edge web-based tools.

Since we first met the folks at DemandLink, we formed a relationship through our mutual goal of providing high quality solutions for the horticulture industry. Four years ago, our two companies formed a partnership to integrate DemandLink with Grower Vertical.


DemandLink was recognized by CIO Review as one of the 20 Most Promising Demand & Forecasting Technology Solution Providers.

It’s been a great business relationship for our companies. Whenever we meet with prospective customers in the horticulture industry, we always make sure if they need a forecasting and replenishment solution we recommend DemandLink. And the folks at DemandLink have recommended us when growers are looking for an integrated business system like Grower Vertical for Sage Enterprise Management.

Since 2014, we’ve shared a booth at Cultivate to show how well the two systems seamlessly integrate with each other. This year at Cultivate’18, DemandLink will have their own booth — one aisle over from us in Booth No. 3708.

At Practical Software Solutions, our core business was outside of the horticulture industry for 15 years before we joined forces with Metrolina Greenhouses to create Grower Vertical. It was the opposite for the folks at DemandLink, which was born out of the Agricultural Resource Economics Department at Oregon State University, where Research Director Robin Cross is an economics professor.

Cross hired Garren, a former student, to help create a replenishment and forecasting system to meet the seasonal demand of the horticulture industry in 2005. While it began with horticulture in mind, the pair recognized other industries could benefit from their forecasting and replenishment models. Now, DemandLink customers represent other industries that are affected by seasonal, economic, and other variables, such as fashion bath, consumer electronics, and clothing.

Their successes have been meteoric, to say the least. When they first started beta testing DemandLink in 2009, their test results showed a 35 percent sales increase comparison over their control. There little project now forecasts billions of dollars in annual sales and features double-figures in employees, with an ever-expanding customer base.

We’re so proud of our friends over at DemandLink. You can learn more about them on our Grower Vertical website.

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