Education continues at Production Technology Conference

Have you ever anticipated something so much that your mind waffles between the best-case scenario and the worst-case scenario? That happened to both Greg Lafferty and I leading up to Cultivate’17, where he presented his first-ever educational sessions at the long-running horticulture conference.


Education session at Cultivate'17

Greg Lafferty had a chance to spread some education at Cultivate’17.

For weeks leading up to Cultivate’17, Greg rehearsed his two presentations: Business Systems 101 and Mysteries of the Cloud: Solved while I kept time and kept notes. The more we perfected, the more confident we became in the presentations.

But since this was the first time Greg was presenting educational sessions at this all-important conference, a bit of fear of the unknown crept in: Did we pick the right topics? Will attendees find value in the sessions? Will anyone show up?

So you can imagine our joy (and our relief) that our three sessions (the cloud session was repeated) were well attended. Moreover, the attendees who let us know they learned so much about software and technology from our sessions showed us all our hard work paid off.

It was a great feeling to know we accomplished what we set out to do. Especially since we wanted to host an educational session since 2010, it was worth the wait and everything we could ever hope for.

Continuing education at Production Technology Conference

We’re really excited we don’t have to wait another year to present an educational session. AmericanHort is hosting its first-ever Production Technology Conference in Dallas from October 9-11 as part of its GrowPro series.

Greg Lafferty will be sitting on the panel “The importance of software throughout your entire greenhouse operation” on Wednesday, Oct. 11 at 10:30 a.m. Once again, we’re going to be able to share our thoughts about the different types of business systems available for different types of growers.

Education Technology Conference

We’re happy to keep the education train rolling at the Production Technology Conference.

The difference between this session and Business Systems 101 is that all of us on the panel will be able to address specific questions instead of offering general advice. The panelists come from a variety of backgrounds, from complete integrated systems to need-specific software, so it should provide for a great mix of perspective.

We’re also excited to help support the Production Technology Conference. We felt it was important for us to help AmericanHort make this conference a success in its first year, especially since we’re a part of this segment of the industry.

We’ll have our Grower Vertical booth on the trade show floor (Booth 404), as well as participating in the educational session. We love the fact that AmericanHort has scheduled time for attendees to mingle on the trade show floor before and after the sessions. I’ve been an attendee at other trade shows that have done this, and it gives a much more relaxed atmosphere to talk shop.

Education continues online for Business Systems 101

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we’ve made it a point to bring our knowledge of integrated business systems to the horticulture industry since we first introduced Grower Vertical in 2010. While we do offer an integrated business system, we’ve always stressed our system may be too powerful for some growers while another software program may not be enough for their needs.

We’re not going to sell someone Grower Vertical — or any software product — that they don’t need. We have other products that work for smaller growers and nurseries. But we also have friends in the horticulture industry whose software titles would be better suited for certain growers. We’re always happy to recommend another reputable software vendor if we’re not the right fit.

That’s why education is so important and why we felt it was so important to present Business Systems 101 at Cultivate’17. That’s why we’re also excited to host a webinar with GIE Media (publishers of Greenhouse Management magazine) where Greg Lafferty once again will present Business Systems 101.

Click here to register for the Business Systems 101 webinar.

It makes us so happy to see so many people taking technology seriously throughout their businesses in the horticulture industry. Technology always has been vitally important in the greenhouse to help growers become more productive. We’re also happy to be a part of the push to champion technology in other parts of growers’ businesses as well.

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