Gearing up for the OFA Short Course

As you can tell by my complete lack of posts for the past week or so, we’ve been incredibly busy around here at Practical Software Solutions.

Just like two years ago, the OFA Short Course and Sage Summit — the two biggest events on our calendar — are back-to-back again this year. Luckily, unlike two years ago, they’re not overlapping, which is a huge relief. This time, there’s four-ish days in between, but it’s still back-to-back trips to Columbus, Ohio, and Washington, D.C., for some of our crew.

(And if any of you wonderful people from Sage are listening, one of our customers asked if Summit can move back to August next year. No, really. She said it. I’ll forward you the e-mail and everything.)

But first thing’s first: the OFA Short Course is rapidly approaching. This is the largest educational and trade show event for the horticulture industry in the nation. Now in its 85th year, the OFA Short Course features four days of classes, training and information about the latest products and services in the industry.

There’s something amazing about this trade show, and the best thing I can liken it to is when Dorothy opens the door in black-and-white Kansas to reveal a Technicolor Oz in “The Wizard of Oz.” This is especially true if you’re walking through the Hyatt Regency to get to the Greater Columbus Convention Center. You go through some rather dull hallways, and all of a sudden, you’re awash in a beautiful array of colors from flowers of all kinds. The trade show floor itself is a mix of paradoxes: Beautiful flowers next to heavy machinery, technology vendors like us with Amish families walking by.

We’ll be in our usual spot (Booth #1726), demonstrating Grower Vertical for Sage ERP. Little did we know that when Metrolina Greenhouses contacted us to install Sage 500 ERP that we would soon be the proud owners of an award-winning vertical for the horticulture industry. We have a really nice set-up with a huge television that allows us to give personal demonstrations of both the software and the Scan by Cart feature, which we debuted at last year’s show.

We’re going to have one more free online demonstration on June 27 for Grower Vertical before we head over to the OFA Short Course. (Click here to sign up for this demo.) This gives greenhouse growers a chance to preview our software before the show. The show is so huge that sometimes there’s not enough time for attendees to sit for a demonstration at the show. Other times, we’ve had people sit in on our demonstrations and want to follow up with a one-on-one session at the show.

Yes, we’re really busy this time of year, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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