Last-minute advice and info for Sage Summit 2017

When I told my husband last night that I was going to Sage Summit 2017 in five days, I had to stop and think about it. Five days? Really? Could it really be here this soon?

After years of Sage Summit taking place in late summer, it sure feels weird to prepare for the event before Memorial Day. But I’ll take it. For our purposes, it puts a nice amount of time between this annual event and Cultivate’17, which is still taking place in mid-July. Having our two biggest events of the year within weeks of each other was stressful for sure.

So yes, this time next week, we’ll be wrapping up our final day of Sage Summit 2017 in Atlanta. Here’s some last-minute information and advice for people heading to the Georgia World Congress Center:

George Foreman joins Sage Summit 2017 lineup

Sage Summit 2017 George Foreman

Olympic champion George Foreman will discuss his marketing career at Sage Summit 2017

I’ve been remiss in mentioning that Olympic gold medalist and two-time heavyweight boxing champion George Foreman will be a featured speaker at Sage Summit 2017. Sage said there wouldn’t be a star-studded lineup of big-name celebrities, but one celebrity does not a lineup make.

Much like Magic Johnson before him, Foreman brings in heavyweight business chops to the Sage Summit stage. Where Johnson’s strength as a strong business leader, Foreman has mastered the art of marketing. While some may say that marketing is fluff compared to being an entrepreneur, it’s still an important part of business, whether you’re a one-person outfit or a $100 million manufacturing company.

Sage Summit 2017 app is live

The Sage Summit 2017 app is now live. It can be found in both the Apple and Android app stores. And let me tell you — this looks better than before.

First of all, there’s a App Help section under the menu, which launched a tutorial. Now that’s something that’s been sorely needed. Also, my agenda was waiting for me when I logged in. Nothing was missing from when I set up my schedule online. And here’s a biggie: There’s already a section for documents — something our customers always look for after Summit.

From what I can see, there are still a few sections that aren’t finished. The maps section doesn’t have any maps in it yet. Neither does the documents section, but that’s understandable.

But this year, it looks like the focus of the app is once again to disseminate information instead of focusing on social networking. While I like social networking, the Sage Summit app needs to first and foremost be a way to get quick information on the go.

Less Sage Summit Live this year

There will be less live online content at Sage Summit 2017 than there was last year. However, there will still be some sessions that will be broadcast live on the Sage Summit Facebook Live Video feed. Follow to learn more.

Earn CPE/CEU credits at Sage Summit

As in years past, many sessions at Sage Summit 2017 qualify for continuing professional education and continuing education units through the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy. To receive credit, you must scan your badge for each session you attend  upon entering the session, attend the entire session and submit your documentation through the association of your choice. Certificates will be sent via e-mail after the event.

Depending on the type and courses selected, you can earn up to 18 hours of CPE and/or CEU credits.

Sage Summit 2017 advice and tips

And now for some general last-minute tips for Sage Summit 2017:

  • Weather report: It looks like it’s going to be a pretty decent week in Atlanta, especially Monday, which will be unseasonably cool at 72 degrees and low humidity. The rest of the week should see mild temperatures in the high 70s and low 80s.
  • Mind the (HUGE!) gap: If you haven’t heard, there’s a gigantic hole where I-85 should be in downtown Atlanta. The Atlanta Journal Constitution has a great page set up for detours and road closures around the affected area, which is just north of downtown.
  • Recheck your Summit schedule: Sessions are added, changed and dropped throughout registration. It’s always good to double-check the session catalog to see if there’s anything else you’d be interested in attending.
  • Ask an Ambassador: Sage does a great job of placing Ambassadors around the conference center to help guide attendees to the right places. Any one of these helpful people can point you in the right direction if you need help. And if they don’t know an answer, they will help you find it.
  • Dress for comfort: Conference centers can be uncomfortable, so it’s best to dress the most comfortably as you see fit. I often get asked what’s the dress code for Sage Summit. You’ll find people wearing three-piece suits all the way to T-shirts and jeans. It really depends on what your company’s policy is. However, there will be a lot of walking, and going in and out of rooms with different temperatures. It’s advisable to at least wear comfortable walking shoes and bring a sweater or a jacket just in case.
  • Area entertainment: There are a bunch of attractions around the Georgia World Congress Center. This was the main site of the 1996 Summer Olympics, and there are still a few Olympic attractions in the complex. Atlanta has been the home of Coca-Cola since 1886, and World of Coca-Cola is there too. (You can taste sodas from around the world — and some of them are, um, interesting.)  The Georgia Aquarium is there with its 120,000 marine animals. Other highlights include the College Football Hall of Fame, the SkyView Atlanta Ferris wheel, the Children’s Museum of Atlanta, and the Center for Civil and Human Rights (not to be confused with The King Center, the National Historic Site dedicated to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., which is about 10 blocks east). Zoo Atlanta is also close, and it has BABY PANDAS!!!!! (Yeah, I like pandas.) Oh, and for all your hot dog needs, visit The Varsity, which is a short drive north.

That’s it for now! I hope to see you at Sage Summit next week!

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