Sage Summit: It’s not just for ERP

During the course of my education — I can’t remember when — someone told my class that “perception is reality.” That’s a pretty heavy concept: Sometimes, no matter if the truth is spelled out as plain as day, the public will still hold on to preconceived notions.

There are some who feel that Sage Summit is an ERP party, with everything aligned to the manufacturing and distribution industries. This, of course, isn’t true. There are full tracks dedicated to all product lines, including Sage Construction and Real Estate, Sage HRMS, and Sage CRM.

Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate users may have the most cause to say, “what’s in it for me?” Fairly, this customer base has the TUG National Users Conference in May. TUG is an independent professional group whose sole purpose is to assist Sage 300 CRE users, and Sage itself sends representatives to their conference to support their worthy mission.

Sage Summit, however, is much more than learning to use a software system to its full advantage. Jon Witty, the vice president and general manager of Sage Construction and Real Estate, said his team is dedicated to providing value for Sage CRE customers attending Sage Summit.

“We will unveil our latest product roadmap, share our connected services strategy and how it will impact you in the next twelve months, and you will have an opportunity to learn directly from our rich line up of customer panels,” Witty said.

There are also tracks that are not focused on any specific software title, but instead focus on topics that all businesses must deal with, such as marketing, customer service, and leadership.

One of the most important tracks that Sage CRE customers should look at is the Health Care Reform Learning Track. Even if you do not own Sage HRMS, this is an incredibly important set of sessions. All industries are affected by the Health Care Reform legislation, and Sage has brought together several experts to review how these changes will affect your business now and in the future.

It’s not too late to sign up for Sage Summit. Practical Software Solutions customers can still receive up to $200 off the price of admission. Give us a call to find out how.

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