Monthly Archives: July 2019

Manufacturing and related industries need to attract Gen Z and others

Sometimes I feel like a broken record when it comes to talking about the skills gap in manufacturing. Even when a ray of light comes through, it seems to shine a light on the darkness that was the last 40 years in manufacturing. A great example of that is an… Read more »

Technology, training can help fill vacant manufacturing jobs

A few years ago, I was at Industries of the Blind Greensboro, a non-profit manufacturer, when the conversation turned to their workforce skilled labor shortage. By law (the AbilityOne Program), 75 percent of their overall workforce must be visually impaired people. Part of the non-profit’s mission is to train visually… Read more »

Shipping Air Costs Money: Learn About Logistics at Cultivate’19

As a grower, how many times have you looked inside an empty truck and said, “Boy, I wish I could pack this thing from floor to ceiling.” In terms of logistics, it would be so much better for the bottom line. If you could put your plants in convenient cardboard… Read more »