Monthly Archives: October 2015

Education key to fending off cyber attacks at work

Sometimes I feel like a real pest. But I feel like I’m a rather safe and cautious pest. Yesterday, I sent an e-mail to Sherry Johnson and Tracy Phillips from AmericanHort to ask them about a company that said they published the organization’s media kit. We’ve been members of AmericanHort… Read more »

Back to the Future — Time travel by way of Sage X3

We have just arrived at October 21, 2015. Join me as I travel around on my hoverboard, drinking my Pepsi Perfect, while waiting for the Cubs to win the World Series. As you’ve probably figured out by now (especially if you’ve looked at Facebook anytime in the past week), today’s… Read more »

‘I have an idea’: That is music to our ears

I’m going to let you in on a little secret: We don’t know everything. (Ok, I’ll wait a few moments for you to pick yourself off the floor.) Yes, yes …. I know. You were expecting me to say, “We know everything and can do everything,” or “sure, our products… Read more »