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Sage Summit 2015: It’s the final countdown

It’s nearly here! Not only are we five days away from the beginning of Sage Summit 2015, we’re nine days away from the end of July! For those of you who just went “Huh?”, July happens to be the busiest month on our calendar at Practical Software Solutions. Our two… Read more »

A recap of Sage Summit 2013

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The words came out of my mouth before I could stop myself. Vince Stamey, our CEO, missed Sage Summit this year because of a scheduling conflict. (His kids were off being national champions again with their rifle team. Woo-hoo!) When he returned, he asked me if I had learned anything… Read more »

App is a must for Sage Summit

There’s so much to take in at Sage Summit that it can get confusing at times. With different events, sessions and classes all happening at the same time, keeping track of your own schedule can be a bit of a nightmare. You could print out your schedule, but you really… Read more »

Me? A Socialite?

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The world was tilted off its axis today, with scattered dogs and cats living together. Sage announced its “Endorsed Socialites”¬†for Sage Summit 2013 today, and lo and behold, my name was on the list. I can’t thank the people at Sage — especially Suzanne Spear and Greg Tirico — enough… Read more »