Finding out about Sage Inventory Advisor

Jann Guthridge from Triangle Suspension Systems is awesome. This must be distinctly understood, or nothing wonderful can come of the story I am going to relate. (Ok, I’ll stop quoting from A Christmas Carol.)

During our customer meeting at Sage Summit in 2011, the idea was formed to have a regular user group meeting for our Sage ERP customers. (Jann and Monica Stancik from Nashville Wire Products were two in particular who championed this idea.) After mulling how to best make this work, Greg Lafferty came up with the idea of having a monthly, one-hour meetings online. In December of that year, Tuesdays with Practical was born.

In each meeting, we begin with a presentation, either by a third-party vendor or by someone from Practical. We’ve had a wide range of topics, from how our upgrade implementation process works (we did that when Sage 500 ERP v7.4 launched) to spotlighting Direct 500 and Anytime Collect.  To make sure we’re giving our customers what they want, we always ask for suggestions of topics for future meetings.

Last October, when we asked for suggestions, Jann mentioned NetStock for a future presentation, and she would get us contact information to set it up. Triangle was Netstock’s first Sage 500 customer, and Jann was excited to share the news about this inventory replenishment program.

We finally managed to work this into our schedule for this month’s meeting. To our surprise, we found out that NetStock’s program recently became Sage Inventory Advisor. Grant Emary from NetStock told me  that they asked Jann last summer if she could help them with the development of the scripts that they would need to extract data from Sage 500. Jann’s scripts were specific to Triangle, but they could be used to outline a generic script. (A measure of Jann’s awesomeness: During the meeting, she credited Practical’s Philip Barnhardt for his help with the project.)

Jann’s going to have another chance to spread the good news about Sage Inventory Advisor. She and her fellow Triangle employee George Koerner will once again be participating in a session at this year’s Sage Summit. (Jann participated in two sessions last year, and George joined her for one of them.) They will be joining Siobhan Finders, the product manager for SIA for “Sage Inventory Advisor: Solve Your Inventory Problems and Add Cash Back Into Your Business.” (Session C-204, Wednesday from 10:30-noon.)

I highly recommend adding this session to your schedule if you’re a Sage ERP customer. Jann and George are great additions, because you can rest assure that they will be knowledgeable and honest about SIA. And you can find out for yourself how awesome Jann is.

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