Me? A Socialite?

The world was tilted off its axis today, with scattered dogs and cats living together.

Sage announced its “Endorsed Socialites”¬†for Sage Summit 2013 today, and lo and behold, my name was on the list. I can’t thank the people at Sage — especially Suzanne Spear and Greg Tirico — enough for recognizing me with this honor. I can’t wait to finally meet these two, and many of our customers from across the country who I’ve only met online.

The Endorsed Socialites are Sage customers, partners, and third-party vendors who are active in social media and who will talk about Sage Summit from their own perspective. (We’re not given free passes, so the journalist in me is feeling pretty good about not having a conflict of interest.)

The funny thing is that I didn’t grow up in the age of social media (I still cringe when I see teens walking around with their nose in a phone while the rest of the world passes them by), but I’ve been online since 1989 when my uncle gave me my first 2400 baud modem. I understand the culture of online communication, and I feel right at home there.

I’m also going to be a First Timer at Summit, which I’m looking forward to as well. If it’s going to be your first time, too, maybe we will catch each other at some of the events for us newbies.

I’m really looking forward to upholding this honor and having a great time at Sage Summit!

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