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Make more informed decisions using the reports you need when you need them

The way construction companies operate is as varied as the people who work for them. It's vital to have a business insights tool flexible enough to gather data and create reports for the way you do business.

Sage 100 Contractor Intelligence Reporting gives you immediate access to your transactional data, the ability to create your own reports, and allows you to quickly and easily modify out-of-the-box reporting templates. By using the familiar Microsoft Excel interface, your company can instantly access and report on any data in Sage 100 Contractor instead of having to import and export data into a separate spreadsheet. With the improved efficiency and robust reporting tools, your company can find higher productivity and increased job profitability.

Event 1 Software offers Excel-based reporting for Sage 100 Contractor and Sage Estimating SQL with Liberty Reports. With the Liberty Reports add-in, Excel transforms into a powerful and intuitive reporting engine. By adding Liberty Reports, your existing Excel can produce highly effective and interactive results, including business intelligence reports, management reports, exception reports, auditing tools and much more.

With the three modules of Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate Office Connector, you can connect your Sage solution to Microsoft Excel, saving you hours of time on reporting and analysis. With Office Connector, you can automatically retrieve data from Sage 300 into Excel, map data from Excel to writable fields in Sage 300, and import properly formatted Excel data back into Sage 300.

By adding MyAssistant for Sage 300 CRE, you can set up automatic alerts and workflows throughout the entire system anytime, day or night. With access to the Desktop, Windows Desktop, Microsoft Outlook, MyAssistant proactively monitors key performance indicators, providing instant alerts about issues needing attention and the information needed to take action.

  • Quickly identify and respond to trends using customizable dashboards
  • Use drag-and-drop formulas to easily create and manage financial reporting
  • Develop in-depth reports such as financial, operational, subcontractor, or job status
  • Efficiently view, manipulate, analyze, and distribute reports in a familiar Microsoft Excel format
  • Consolidate data from multiple companies, divisions, and ODBC databases
  • Drill down to the detail of your Excel reports in an instant
  • Easy connection: Select your database, supply login credentials and begin building reports and presentations
  • Refresh: Reports can be run and refreshed to retreive current data values
  • Save As values: Use the Save As feature to produce a standard Excel workbook to share with people who don't have Liberty Reports
  • Save data with reports: Data in a saved workbook can be refreshed automatically when opening a workbook or the last queired values can be stored in the workbook and redisplayed
  • Query Wizard: With a designer license, the query wizard makes it easy to create Excel queries that give you speedy access to live data
  • Worksheet functions: Adds a set of worksheet functions similar to Excel functions
  • Sample reports: Liberty Reports offers a selection of sample reports for Sage 100 Contractor, including Job Status, Ledger Transactions, Trial Balance, Work In Progress and more
  • Transfer Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate data to and from Excel with ease
  • Take advantage of Excel's flexibility and familiarity
  • Reduce the time your company spends on data entry
  • Improve workflow and reporting
  • Empower employees to use Excel as a reporting and productivity tool
  • Gain added confidence in your numbers and data

Cost control   •   Change management   •   Insurance compliance   •   Automate alerts   •   Tenant statement distribution   •   Personalized email reports   •   Human resources   •   Subcontractor communication   •   Payroll direct deposits   •   Lease management   •   Work orders, purchase orders, and invoices   •   Receivables   •   Setup and processing   •   Automated letters   •   Workflow integration

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