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Improve and modernize your construction company's accounts receivable

Accounts receivable is one of the most important components of a construction company. The industry traditionally relies on cash outlays and credit extensions, then waits for payments after completing a job. The quicker and more accurately payments can be received and processed, the stronger a foundation can be made for a profitable construction company.

While having an industry-specific accounting system is a major step in the right direction, having integrated receivable payment solutions can further improve cash flow, reduce errors and organize payments.

For more information, visit the Paya website.

  • Gives construction companies of any size the ability to provide modern and mobile payment solutions
  • Accept payments for deposits, installments and final balances as work progresses or is completed
  • Allow clients to use their own credit cards to pay large sums immediately rather than stretch payments over time
  • Avoid the possibility of lost checks or checks that bounce
  • Save valuable time by doing away with trips to the bank to make deposits

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