Human Resources

How is your Return on Employee Investment®?

Managing your workforce is as important as managing your customers. Your employees are one of the biggest investments you'll make for your business. But how do you know you are getting a good Return on Employee Investment®?

With products that help you manage payroll and benefits, track and retain top employees, and assist you with ever-changing government compliance, Practical Software Solutions can help you find the right human resources system for your business.

The following human resources management titles are available from Practical Software Solutions:

Industry-leading and customizable, Sage HRMS enables you to decisively meet and respond to HR management challenges. With integrated payroll, benefits, recruiting, employee self-service, and analytics capabilities, Sage HRMS helps you to maximize every dollar you invest in employees — your Return on Employee Investment®.
LightWork Performance Management transforms the overwhelming task of managing employees into an indispensable business strategy. With LightWork, it’s easy to identify strengths and areas for improvement in your workforce and align employees and groups with goals to optimize your company for success.