Eliminate data silos and go paperless

Automation is the key to lean manufacturing, and this is especially true for software. The less manual data entry and physical paperwork a company has to deal with, the less chance of errors and omissions. DocLink by Altec helps manufacturers better manage data by going paperless and touchless.

From accounts payable to accounts receivable to human resources and beyond, DocLink digitally transforms operations to caputre, process, retrieve and deliver documents securely and automatically. Documents can be created, processed, and and approved by anyone, anywhere on any device.

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  • Easy access to documents
  • Streamlined approval process
  • Increased productivity and collaboration
  • Reduced manual errors
  • Centrally managed document storage
  • Powerful and flexible security
Introduction to DocLink

This is a brief introduction to DocLink by Altec, a longtime provider of paperless automation in the Sage ecosystem.

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