Sage HRMS Cyber Train by Visibility Software

Ensure compliance through automated employee training

Sage HRMS Cyber Train automates tracking, managing, and monitoring of employee training to ensure compliance, providing a role-oriented, self-service tool for web-based training. Sage HRMS Cyber Train is configurable for training and compliance requirements and comes in three service levels. Available on premise, or as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) subscription.

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  • Centralized tracking of employee and nonemployee training requirements, current enrollments, certifications, and programs
  • Self-service portal allows access to information and functions by the employee, supervisor, instructor, or training manager
  • Set automatic notifications to inform employees, supervisors, and training managers of upcoming certification expirations
  • Automated supervisor approval processs
  • Employees can submit tuition reimbursement requests and external training requests
  • Advanced automation of administrative processes and built-in communication tools
  • Curriculum creation allows a logical flow of required classes and programs, allowing companies to track when employees are in the process of completing requirements and informs them of impending deadlines
  • Limit class enrollment to certain organizational levels or to desired number of students
  • Reporting of certification expiration, courses due, notifications, and accreditation requirements available
  • Reduce opportunity for errors by automatically adding training requirements to employees based on job title, organizational level, or supervisor-initiated add
  • Online testing to ensure knowledge transfer of training information to students
  • Distribute SOP, in-house documentation, client-built training or purchased content