Bringing the newest version of Sage X3 to FABTECH 2019

One of my uncles, a lifelong athlete-turned-coach, has horrible knees. He’s had several knee replacement surgeries during his adulthood. After his first surgery at a relatively young age, knowing he would eventually need more knee replacements, his doctor told him to wait as long has he could stand it before his next surgery because the technology advances so quickly.

I thought about this anecdote when I saw the newest version of Sage X3. It was only four years ago, when we were introducing previous version of Sage X3, and not a half decade later, it looks leaps and bound better.

Next week, we’re going to be able to share what the newest version of Sage X3 looks like at FABTECH 2019, which runs from Nov. 11-14 at McCormick Place in Chicago. We will be in Booth A6226 with two of our best friends from Sage to discuss what’s in store for the updated Sage X3 (as long as Chicago isn’t buried under 50 feet of snow). Here’s a few highlights of both Sage X3 and FABTECH 2019:

FABTECH 2019 brings new technology to the metal fabricating industry

When we walked the FABTECH show floor for the first time last year in Atlanta, we came away with one word: Whoa! It was the largest (by square footage) trade show we’ve visited, and the displays were amazing. Funnily enough, we’ve seen many of these incredible tools of the trade on our customers’ manufacturing floors, but we’ve never seen so many in one place. The effect is an incredible display of ingenuity in the manufacturing industry

FABTECH 2019 Laser

There are amazing displays of manufacturing technology set for display at FABTECH 2019.

FABTECH itself is quite impressive itself, how it grew from humble beginnings to where it stands today. It began as a regional show in 1981 in Cleveland, Ohio, and quickly grew from a show with 161 vendors to a Top 20 national education and trade show in the country in its first 25 years.

From its beginning, FABTECH has been produced by a partnership of leading manufacturing industry associations. From the SME (Society of Manufacturing Engineers) in Dearborn, MI, to the American Welding Society in Miami, to the Fabricators and Manufacturers Association, International, in Elgin, KY — and others, FABTECH brings together many different parts of the manufacturing community to build (pardon the pun) a show that displays the many facets of the industry. You can say FABTECH is an analogy for the industry as a whole, one that shows off the many moving parts that produces the well-oiled machine that produces the products we use every day in North America.

There are so many new and interesting technologies for the manufacturing industry set to be displayed at FABTECH 2019. In looking at FABTECH’s timeline through the years is it was only two years ago they added a 3D/Additive Manufacturing pavilion to the trade show floor. While these technologies have been around for several years, it’s gotten to the point where it’s now common — and popular — enough to warrant its own area.

Speaking of new technology, we’re excited to show off the latest version of Sage X3 at FABTECH 2019. More than a traditional ERP system, Sage X3 allows your company to embrace change at speed through three tenants:

  1. Faster process cycle time, faster inventory turns, faster customer response time, and faster insight into cost and performance
  2. Intuitive management of distributed operations, easier access to data and collaboration, plus simpler IT management
  3. Tailored deployment options, flexible capacity, flexible configuration, customization and evolution

If you haven’t seen Sage X3 in a while, please stop by our booth to speak with us and representatives from Sage to learn more how this latest version can help your company.

Fabtech 2019 educational tracts highlight technology, veterans

The educational tracks for FABTECH 2019 look just as impressive as the displays on the trade show floor. While there are tracks that focus on different machinist opportunities (Laser, Additives, Cuttings, Automation, Finishing, etc.), there are also tracts for people in the front

FABTECH 2019 welding

There’s entertainment inside the trade show, including the AWS’s welding competition.

office, such as the Management Track, the Workforce Develop Track, and the Lean Track. Many sessions offer PDH hours for re-certification.

And like any good trade show, there’s several keynote presentations featuring top-quality speakers. My heart skipped a beat when I found out that Grant Imahara, most universally known from his days as one of the build team on Discovery’s Mythbusters, but also as a champion from BattleBots and former Industrial Light & Magic engineer who worked on the Star Wars prequels.

Also, in honor of Veteran’s Day, FABTECH’s FABx lineup will feature a mixture of veterans who will present thought-leader talks from innovation, excellence, and motivation. The featured speaker will be Chad Hennings, a 3-time Super Bowl champion with the Dallas Cowboys and decorated combat pilot from the first Gulf War.

Stay warm while in Chicago for FABTECH 2019

As with many large trade shows, what’s going on around the the city is almost as important as what’s going on inside the event itself. For FABTECH 2019, there’s a major event happening in Chicago during the week, and unfortunately, it’s weather related. Chicago is in the cross-hairs of the impending Arctic weather system that will cover a good chunk of Canada and the U.S.

When people ask us what’s the appropriate attire for any trade show, our first recommendation is look at the weather. Whether it’s FABTECH coming up or when we went to Sage Summit in Las Vegas, we tell people to dress for comfort more than fashion. Granted, we’re not necessarily talking about jeans and T-shirts, but remember to pack the appropriate clothes for traveling to and from the show.

Aside from that, Chicago offers many great shows, sports, and other entertainment, even during the week. The food scene in Chicago is also out of its world. While our first thought was returning to Shula’s, we can’t wait to get our hands on the great food and drink waiting there for us.

Are you heading to FABTECH 2019? Let us know in the comments, and come by and say hi to us in Booth A6226.

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