GPN 40 Under 40 nod helps us grow in horticulture industry

A few weeks ago, we were proud to find out that our own sales executive Dylan Fulk was named to the GPN (Greenhouse Product News) 40 Under 40 list for 2018. The GPN 40 Under 40 recognizes 40 outstanding members of the horticulture industry who are younger than 40.

And like so many times before, we are so happy once again to be recognized by people within the horticulture industry.

Dylan 40 Under 40

We’re proud of Dylan Fulk, who was named to the 2018 GPN 40 Under 40.

Interestingly, I had a great conversation last week with Shanan Atkison, the Trade Show Manager with AmericanHort. The funny thing is that it’s a conversation that people who work with the horticulture industry always seem to come around to: Isn’t this industry awesome?

This is especially true for people who have worked outside the horticulture industry. Once they see how the horticulture industry works, they want to scream it from the mountaintops.

What makes it so awesome? Whereas many other industries are cutthroat to the core, the horticulture industry seems to be a communal effort. Of course there are some trade secrets and innovative techniques that are kept close to the vest in some instances. But when it comes down to education, support and improving the industry, it’s amazing how growers come together to help each other.

It’s also a welcoming industry. While Atkison spent some time in the horticulture industry previously in her career before landing at AmericanHort, we had no clue about the industry until Metrolina Greenhouses contacted us back in 2006. While we were helping Metrolina build customizations that would eventually become Grower Vertical, they were helping us learn about the horticulture industry. Without the folks at Metrolina taking the time to help us, we probably would never have grown beyond having one greenhouse customer.

Earning 40 Under 40 honors continues our growth

Fulk said he was honored to be named to the 2018 GPN 40 Under 40.

“GPN is one of the top publications in the horticulture industry,” he said. “It’s humbling when people in the industry take note of the hard work you do.”

What makes this truly special for us at Practical Software Solutions is the fact they see Fulk as more than just a salesperson. While we sell important tools to the horticulture industry, that’s not enough to make it onto the GPN 40 Under 40.

We’ve always felt our strength lies in our ability to educate others. Not only have we been able to share our knowledge of traditional manufacturing with the horticulture industry, but also we’ve been able to combine it with what we’ve learned from those in the horticulture industry to make it more relevant.

Fulk’s strong suit is his ability to relate to others in the industry. While he didn’t grow up in a family that owned a large-scale greenhouse operation, he did grow up on his family farm. While it isn’t a 1-to-1 ratio, his experiences gave Fulk a way to relate when talking shop to growers. Being able to relate with others is a big help in providing education.

And we’re happy we keep getting more and more opportunities to provide education to the horticulture industry. Once again, we’ll have an education session and participate in a panel discussion at Cultivate’18 in July. It means so much to us to help give back to the industry that has done so much for us.

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