Guest Post: Our journey from Netstock to Sage Inventory Advisor

About a month ago, I wrote about how Jann Guthridge, the IT Supervisor for Triangle Suspension, is awesome. OK, the post was a little bit more than that. In that post, I talked about how her company was the first Sage 500 ERP customer that was on board with Netstock, which became Sage Inventory Advisor.

Here’s more about Sage Inventory Advisor in Jann Guthridge’s own words:

It all started during Sage City at Sage Summit 2012 in Nashville.

All the discussions surrounding Inventory Management seem to have similar themes: “how to better manage inventory levels, improve turns and calculate the most efficient reorder points.” After one of these lively sessions, a Sage Product Manager pointed us in the direction of a vendor who was there with some innovative ideas. So the next day, George Koerner, our vice president of operations, went to take a closer look. The product was called Netstock, and thus began a very interesting relationship with some knowledgeable and very nice people with a good inventory tool.

It turns out that this was an established company, but not in the United States or with Sage 500 ERP, so it looked like it was going to be a win/win situation for our company. We could help them get a start here in the U.S. and work with them from the ground floor for the Sage data integration that would be needed to get some very good inventory information.

But the idea of a cloud-based application was kind of scary: What about security? Was it reliable? How would our data get there?? Developing the needed SQL scripts to get the data posed a separate challenge for me. All of these questions were quickly addressed, and by using a secure Dropbox connection for our nightly transfer of the extracted Sage data, we were finally ready to take a better look. Who knows — could we really get rid of some of our Excel spreadsheets?

The online, web-based dashboards were an impressive visual tool. It had a certain “wow” factor about it. But for our management, the proof had to be in the details of the data. It took time to get everything validated. All the while, we took a very cautious approach, focusing on controlled vendor and item data that we could react to quickly if the Netstock forecasted replenishment results did not work for us. We made no assumptions; everything had to be proven out.

In the meantime, Netstock was changing, too. Sage was courting them to be a certified partner and the result was the new Sage branded Inventory Advisor. Already changes and improvements are happening, but the core product is still the tool to help you address important inventory problems and issues.

Will it work for you? Come take a look this year in Washington, D.C., at Sage Summit 2013 session C-204 on Wednesday from 10:30 a.m. to noon. George and I will be there to add our 2 cents to the discussion that will be led by Siobhan Finders, the Sage Senior Product Manager. Hope you decide to come join in the discussion!

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