Developer Zone added to Sage Summit 2016

Until a few years ago, several members of our technical staff attended Sage Summit every year. It just got to a point where there was nothing really there for them.

However, Sage Summit 2016 bring in a new era for technical folks with the new Developer Zone.

The Developer Zone at Sage Summit will give Sage customers, partners and ISVs a chance to see how integration works with Sage products, how to develop apps for Sage products, and to learn from experts in the Sage development arena.

The Developer Zone will be divided into separate areas:

  • The Expert Bar will feature Sage developers who can provide technical product expertise and development knowledge.
  • A computer lab where participants can work through mini-hacks for Sage Cloud products.
  • The theater will feature information about the newest APIs, integration options and partners who have successfully integrated with Sage.
  • The technology showcase will feature the future of business technology, such as chatbot, virtual reality, live worksheets and Internet of Things integration.
Developer Zone Example

The Developer Zone at Sage Summit will be focused on customization of various Sage cloud products.

David Kim, Sage’s global director for ISVs and Developers, Partners and Alliances, said the Developer Zone is open for all experience levels of technical knowledge.

“There are small business owners who have an interest in customizing their Sage product and those who are willing and able to do their own customization,” he said. “There will be something for those people as well as hard-core developers.”

Since the Developer Zone is in its first year, there will only be a few products highlighted. David said if there’s enough interest and positive feedback about the Developer Zone, it may expand in the future.

Developer Zone: No marketing allowed

At first glance, the Developer Zone may seem redundant to what’s already on the show floor at Sage Summit. (I can hear you out there: Isn’t there already a trade show full of Sage ISVs?) However, this is not an area for marketing or tech support.

Developer Zone at Sage Summit 2016

The Developer Zone will be on the trade show floor between the Sage Executive Panel and the media area.

“The experts in the Dev Zone are not product marketing or demo people, but API, R&D and technical people,” David said. “These are people who can answer your questions and not have to go find the answer from someone else.”

That means if you want to learn more about a current Sage ISV or one of their products, visit them on the trade show floor. If you want to learn more about a Sage product or need technical support as a user, go to their product booth or the support booth. However, if you’re a developer, are into developing or are interested in becoming a Sage development ISV or partner, the Developer Zone is the place for you.

Renewed focus for partners with Developer Zone

As I mentioned in a previous post, there’s been an increased emphasis by Sage to attract partners who can help provide added functionality to Sage solutions.

As a Sage partner with an industry-specific vertical product, we at Practical Software Solutions can attest to that statement. I stopped Matt Holland, our Director of Customized Solutions, as he was walking by my office to tell him about the Developer Zone. It just so happened he was planning to look for someone at Sage Summit this year to answer some questions, so he said he would check out the Developer Zone.

I think Sage really has something here with the Developer Zone. This has been a vital part of the Sage ecosystem that has been under-served in the past few years, and this a great first step to getting them back in the fold.

The Developer Zone is scheduled to be open the same hours of the trade show during Sage Summit 2016, from July 26-28.

5 thoughts on “Developer Zone added to Sage Summit 2016

  1. Jann Guthridge

    Yeah!! I hope this gets good support from the user community as well. I will definitely look at stopping by.

    1. Amanda Tomaini Lamela Post author

      Wow, Jann! You are quick on the draw this morning. 🙂 See? Proof positive that Sage Summit needed something like this. Thanks for taking the time to reply to the post, Jann. See you soon!

  2. Danielle Cote

    @Jann! Love your spirit of discovery and exploration while at #SageSummit. Get ready for lots more!

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