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Virtual Cultivate’20: The convention world is watching

We are happy to announce Practical Software Solutions will be participating in the digital Cultivate’20 conference, set to take place July 13-16. This is going to be a great opportunity, not only for the horticulture industry, but also for the convention industry at large. Those of you outside the horticulture… Read more »

Could technology have saved 2020 California Spring Trials?

There’s something interesting and ironic going on in the horticulture industry this week. The California Spring Trials, one of the biggest events on the horticulture calendar, was cancelled because of the Coronavirus pandemic. On the other hand, our customers are reporting one of their best spring seasons ever. Strange as… Read more »

Cybersecurity matters more when working from home

An increasing number of counties and municipalities across the United States are falling under stay-at-home or shelter-at-home orders due to the Coronavirus pandemic. While many manufacturing and distribution companies are exempt from these orders to help keep the supply chain moving, we’re finding many of our customers are choosing to… Read more »

Greenhouse Grower confirms cross-industry learning helps

An interesting story landed in my lap when I saw the cover story in January’s Greenhouse Grower magazine. It features three different growers from three segments of the horticulture industry coming together to discuss the similarity between their branches. The three horticulture segments represented in the article were cannabis, ornamentals,… Read more »

Have ruggedized devices improved enough for day-to-day use?

What if Sage 300 CRE could pull out a laser to measure a wall in a building? Or what if Grower Vertical for Sage X3 could help detect if the atmosphere in a greenhouse was safe? While these two programs are amazingly versatile, they haven’t quite achieved this level of… Read more »

Quick hits: Businesses succeed when customer service is Job One

Recently, Dylan Fulk told me it must be difficult to market business software for my job. When you look at business systems like Sage X3 or Sage Estimating at face value, I can see his point. It’s not something you can hold in your hand; everything is conceptual. There’s really… Read more »

Quick Hits: The cost of collecting data you’re not going to use

As we’ve said many times before, business systems excel at collecting data. Whether it’s a manufacturing company using Sage X3 or a construction company using Sage 100 Contractor, tons of data is produced to provide extraordinary insights into your company. In a recent article in Greenhouse Grower, Greg Lafferty said… Read more »

Bringing the newest version of Sage X3 to FABTECH 2019

One of my uncles, a lifelong athlete-turned-coach, has horrible knees. He’s had several knee replacement surgeries during his adulthood. After his first surgery at a relatively young age, knowing he would eventually need more knee replacements, his doctor told him to wait as long has he could stand it before… Read more »

Software integration top topic at CFMA Carolinas Construction Conference

It’s that time of year again: The leaves are changing color, there’s a bit of a nip in the air, and we’re a week away from the 2019 CFMA Carolinas Construction Conference. This regional conference brings some important topics to members of the Construction Financial Management Association members in the… Read more »

Space Management Key for Growers at 2019 Plug & Cutting Conference

With six days left before the start of the 2019 Plug & Cutting Conference, we’re keeping an eye on the Atlantic Ocean as much as we’re keeping an eye on the calendar. (We may be a bit gun shy because last year’s event was cancelled due to the threat of… Read more »