Part of our integrated approach to deliver a successful implementation

Our goal is to identify and help you solve business challenges and to set realistic expectations from the onset. We realize that each client has specific needs when it comes to selecting and implementing a business management system.

We have a proven process that guides us in crafting the right solution for your company on the front-end, taking the time to tailor each proposal accurately and cost-effectively. This will help deliver a successful implementation and a lasting relationship.

Our integrated approach focuses on three critical areas:

An imagine showing our integrated approach to people, process, and technology
At Practical Software Solutions, we believe our primary job is to help people. There are thousands of other companies that sell, implement, and/or develop business management software — often the same Sage titles we provide. By building relationships with the people who come to us for help, we will always be guided by their needs and not by our bottom line. We will always do what's best for our customers, even if it means telling them no. Building these relationships have brought our customers success, which is how we base our company's success.
The process we've developed to implement software has been developed over the years to help our customers achieve success before, during, and after completion of any project. By working together through Discovery, Program Management, our time-tested Implementation Methodology, Training, and Customization, your company will have a greater chance of success with your new business management system.
While the technology we help our customers implement is important, we feel that it is only a part of the greater scope of any project. By not having our focus on technology first, we are able to craft a solution that fits the unique needs of each customer we serve. This prevents us from forcing our customers to tailor themselves to our technology. We will always strive to make sure our customers have the right technology — whether it's hardware or software — never more or less than what they need to be successful.