eRequisition screen shot

eTimeClock allows your employees to clock in and out over the internet or intranet for payroll collection as well as clocking in and out of work orders in Sage 500 ERP. This module replaces traditional time clocks and will run on any device that supports a web browser. The system is design to use bar-coded employee badges along with the bar-coded work order from Sage 500 ERP.

Each employee's time is gathered by the system as they scan in and out. Sage 500 ERP work orders are updated in real time as they report on each routing step. The system allows supervisors to report and adjust time as needed for their departments. Once the supervisor has approved the time, the time entries can be imported directly into Sage HRMS. This eliminates dual entry of payroll hours. The system automatically determines regular hours versus overtime hours and makes the correct entries into Sage HRMS.

eTimeClock makes data collection on the shop floor easy to manage and implement and does not require any specific hardware for interfacing with your employees.

Key Benefits

  • Microsoft .NET Technology
  • Replace traditional time clocks with browser-based time and attendance
  • Clock on and off Sage 500 ERP work orders
  • Issue material to Sage 500 ERP work orders
  • Supervisor edits of time entries
  • Import time records directly into Sage HRMS
  • Does not require a Sage 500 ERP user license