Screenshot of eRequisition

eRequisition for Sage 500 ERP allows requisition requirements to be processed from one easy-to-use inter-face over the internet or intranet. Paper requisitions and hand-passing documents for signatures will be a thing of the past. eRequisition streamlines the requisition process, making it a snap to enter requisitions and process them through the proper channels for approval.

Each user is set up in the system with a unique login and password, and are given a routing for approvals. As users submit their requisitions, the system automatically routes requisitions for approval. At each step of the approval process the requisition may be declined. As the requisition passes through the approval process, the easy-to-use requisition workbench allows the user to see the various approval levels. Once a requisition is fully approved, it can be turned into a purchase order by the buyer in Sage 500 ERP.

Key Benefits

  • Microsoft .NET Technology
  • Allow any authorized users to enter requisitions from the web
  • Unlimited approval levels by user and signature limit
  • Print requisitions from the web
  • Automatic e-mail alert for requisition approvals
  • Does not require a Sage 500 ERP user license
  • Electronic signatures