Custom Development

Practical Software Solutions developers are certified in the complete line of Sage products, as well as Microsoft certifications in database administration and systems engineering. Not only can you trust Practical to have current knowledge about Sage products, but also our certified experts have developed several web-based modules specifically for Sage products.

We customize for you, the customer. Whether you need customized reporting or intrusive customization of source code, we can build to your specific needs. We also offer training courses for your IT professionals on how to use and understand your new system.

Here are some examples of the custom development we’ve created for Sage products:

Combined with the power of Sage, Grower Vertical provides a fully integrated system specifically designed for the horticulture industry. With financials, inventory, shipping, logistics planning, production, and wireless warehouse management, Grower Vertical works whether you sell ornamentals, young plants, or edibles. Click here to learn more about Grower Vertical.
eRequisition allows companies to transact business over the internet or their intranet, allowing employees to process requisition requirements from an easy-to-use interface. This module streamlines the requisition process and reduces the amount of paperwork that flows through the office. Click here to learn more about eRequisition.
eTimeClock replaces the traditional time clock, allowing employees to clock in or out over the internet or through their intranet. It also allows employees to clock in and out of work orders in their Sage product. eTimeClock entries can be imported directly into Sage HRMS. Click here to learn more about eTimeClock.