Sage Summit 2016 registration opens March 8

Have you ever been so focused on a project that it seems like time slips away and everything else on your calendar seems like a surprise? That’s how it’s been for me the last three months working on our website redesign. Somehow I blinked and we went from December to March.

What knocked me back to reality was an e-mail I received earlier this week: SAVE THE DATE! SAGE SUMMIT 2016 REGISTRATION STARTS MARCH 8!

Sage Summit? We’re that close to Sage Summit that Early Bird registration is starting? Wasn’t I just opening Christmas presents last week?

Sage Summit 2016 logo

Save the Date! Sage Summit registration starts March 8!

Yes, we’re a little less than six months away from Sage Summit 2016, and the information will start flying fast and furious now. According to the e-mail, registration will begin Tuesday, March 8 at 8 a.m. Pacific (11 a.m. Eastern). At that time the Sage Summit website will go live with the first news about big-name speakers, event agenda, initial sessions, and “hotel reservation opportunities.” (That may mean we won’t be able to book a hotel yet — we’ll have to keep an eye on that.)

This is perfect timing for us because we’ll be able to spread the good news an hour after Sage Summit registration goes live: our monthly user group meeting, Tuesdays with Practical, starts at noon Eastern. Granted, most of ourĀ customers who will be attending already registered since they attended Sage Summit last year. But we have some new customers who are chomping at the bit to register. (No, really … one of our customers has asked twice a month since November.)

March 8 is only the beginning for Sage Summit. The folks on the Sage Events Team (waves hello Danielle!) work hard throughout the year to put on a great conference, but their efforts don’t stop once registration begins. There’s more i’s to dot and t’s to cross, especially when it comes to finalizing the big-name speaker roster. More names will be announced as time goes by. And as more customers sign up — even after the initial session list has been announced — the team works hard to adjust and add sessions where needed.

Until March 8, it’s back to the website redesign. Tune in next Tuesday when we’ll be showing off ourĀ hard work!

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