Sage Construction Project Center

Keep everyone in the loop with timely, convenient, and secure access to project information

Are you keeping up in today’s mobile, document-heavy construction business environment? Do all of your key team members have access to important information and documents, whether they’re in the office or out in the field? Can they share this data with each other anytime, anywhere?

The Sage Construction Project Center allows project team members to collaborate in real time through all phases of construction so your projects run on time and on budget. Reduce risk and drive efficiencies by automating the sharing, distribution and tracking of all project-related information, including e-mail communication, documents, approvals, costs, and more.

Whether it’s an approval from the owner, an RFI from a subcontractor, or a request from the field, the Sage Construction Project Center provides access so action can be taken immediately. With its cloud-based platform, the Sage Construction Project Center helps your team save time, improve collaboration, reduces confusion, and keeps everyone well informed.

  • Get timely, convenient, and mobile access to all types of contract and project-related documents, photos, files, and more.
  • Allow everyone on a project — including the owner, project team, architects, engineers, and subcontractors — to share, find, and track documents as well as a variety of transactions from the office or job site.
  • Keep projects on time and on budget with automated workflow processes.
  • Minimize the risk of litigation with detailed document management, control, and tracking.
  • Improve collaboration and drive efficiencies through anytime, anywhere access to project-related details.