Sage Alerts and Workflow

Business activity moitoring across your entire organization

Timing is everything in business. How many lost opportunities have you suffered because you missed a deadline or you didn't know you ran out of stock? With Sage Alerts and Workflow, you can make sure you never miss a beat across your entire business.

Developed by Vineyardsoft, Sage Alerts and Workflow, also known as KnowledgeSync, works as your invisible assistant. It automatically identifies and responds to critical business conditions that can jeopardize the survival of your business if left unchecked. Sage Alerts and Workflow is the only application that performs cross-application analysis, alerts and, response — no matter the publisher or the database it uses.

Does your oganization need Sage Alerts and Workflow?

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  • Create flexible, intelligent alerts with as much or as little information as needed
  • Update your applications with what has happened as well as what has to happen
  • Automatically generates and delivers an unlimited number of Crystal Reports, including Aged Receivables, Open Payables, Stock Status, and Check Reconciliation
  • Performs cross-application analysis, alerts and response
  • Monitor an unlimited number of e-mail accounts for incoming messages, including generic accounts beginning with "info" or "support"
  • Use free EventPaks or create your own events