LightWork Talent Management

Empowering people to do more and be more

In a perfect scenario, your Human Resources team would love the opportunity to spend more time engaging with employees, helping them improve their performance and setting goals for everyone. But in a world of ever-increasing regulations — and the paperwork that goes with it — most HR professionals do not have as much time to interact with employees as they would like.

LightWork Talent Management (formerly PerformancePAM) helps HR professionals automate the employee management process with a flexible and intuitive interface that helps to provide valuable feedback to employees in an efficient and thoughtful way. Fully web-native with familiar Microsoft Windows navigation, LightWork features seamless integration with Sage HRMS.

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  • Multirater workflow
  • Visual analytics
  • Sage HRMS integration
  • Goal management
  • Web-native
  • Template library
  • Locally hosted or SaaS
  • My Team
  • Journals