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Grower Vertical for Sage ERP

"What can you invest in? ... Technology -- invest in ways to drive efficiencies through technology, like ERP systems to track your cost of doing business."
Abe Van Wingerden, Metrolina Greenhouses
Grower Talks Magazine, January 2012
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Read how Grower Vertical for Sage ERP has improved the horticulture industry:

Is your business growing?

What ERP system did Abe Van Wingerden invest in? In 2006, Metrolina Greenhouses partnered with Practical Software Solutions to improve their Sage ERP products. The relationship grew, and together we developed Grower Vertical, the module specifically geared toward the horticulture industry.

Consider the following:

  • Is your business suffering from disjointed or outdated software systems?
  • Is your reporting suffering because your system isn't fully implemented or integrated?
  • Are you struggling with a small vendor who has growing pains of their own?

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Most systems available for the horticulture industry lack complete integration between financials, production, inventory, shipping, and other business processes. Nor are they backed and supported by a strong organization such as Sage.

Whether you grow and sell ornamentals, plugs or vegetables, Sage ERP, combined with Grower Vertical, gives you the capabilities to handle financials, inventory, shipping, logistics planning, production, and wireless warehouse management all in one system.

Key Benefits:

  • Integrated information
  • Scan By Cart
  • Production scheduling
  • Grow cycle
  • Pay by Scan
  • Logistics interfaces
    for route planning
  • Cart configurations
  • Demandlink integration
  • Accurate costing and inventory
  • Space Management
  • Ease of order entry with
    RTR / mass change / EDI
  • Patch-area pricing
  • Specialized item attributes (variety,
    genus, color, etc.)
  • Load and staging diagrams
  • BOL with multiple units of measure
  • Chemical traceability and tracking

Grower Vertical for Sage ERP is available exclusively from Practical Software Solutions. Click here to request literature or for more information about Grower Vertical.

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