Sage Business Intelligence Solutions

Transform you business insights into action

Your business system produces an extraordinary amount of data. It is important to get the information you need to make well informed decisions and quickly take action. Sage offers two solutions to help small- and medium-sized businesses make informed, timely, and wise decisions through business insights.

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Sage Business Intelligence

Still relying on time-consuming reporting methods and outdated systems? Do you still wait for someone to write a new report if you need a slight change — and still not be able to interact with the report? Sage Business Intelligence, which fully integrates with Sage Enterprise Management (Sage X3), Sage 500 ERP, and Sage 100cloud, allows you to see data from your entire business in one report. Also, reports can be automatically distributed to anyone who needs them in the required format they need.

Key Benefits
  • Edit and view reports through the familiar interface of Microsoft Excel
  • Store and run reports in a controlled and secure environment
  • Create financial reports with drag-and-drop tools
  • Run reports at the click of a button
  • Automatically distribute reports to anyone who needs them
  • Schedule the routine running of reports
  • Create dashboards of your KPIs with charts and graphs
  • Drill down into your reports with the click of a button

Sage Enterprise Intelligence

For larger SMBs with more complex business processes, Sage Enterprise Intelligence, provides a more robust analysis and reporting solution with a personalized experience for every user. It features secure web or mobile access, or through a traditional Excel interface. Instead of needing multiple reporting tools to see your whole business, Sage Enterprise Intelligence provides access to all of your data, boosting efficiency and minimizing waste. Sage Enterprise Intelligence fully integrates with Sage Enterprise Management (Sage X3) and Sage 500 ERP.

Key Benefits
  • Access to KPIs and dashboards to easily share information as well as leverage pre-built templates and drill-down into transactional data
  • Store and run reports in a controlled and secure environment
  • Centralized security layer
  • Distribution module
  • Data entry (ie. Budgeting)
  • Data warehouse and consolidation (OLAP)
  • Optional Mobile Business Intelligence
  • Optional Excel Add-In