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Big events dominate July

To say that it’s a bit crazy around here at Practical Software Solutions is a bit of an understatement. No, people aren’t bouncing off the walls or doing anything completely abnormal. But we are extremely busy with two of our biggest events of the year on tap over these next… Read more »

App is a must for Sage Summit

There’s so much to take in at Sage Summit that it can get confusing at times. With different events, sessions and classes all happening at the same time, keeping track of your own schedule can be a bit of a nightmare. You could print out your schedule, but you really… Read more »

Gearing up for the OFA Short Course

As you can tell by my complete lack of posts for the past week or so, we’ve been incredibly busy around here at Practical Software Solutions. Just like two years ago, the OFA Short Course and Sage Summit — the two biggest events on our calendar — are back-to-back again… Read more »

Finding out about Sage Inventory Advisor

Jann Guthridge from Triangle Suspension Systems is awesome. This must be distinctly understood, or nothing wonderful can come of the story I am going to relate. (Ok, I’ll stop quoting from A Christmas Carol.) During our customer meeting at Sage Summit in 2011, the idea was formed to have a… Read more »

ERP serves a wide range of companies

Have you ever thought of a punchline the next day? Don’t you just hate that? Last November, Greg Lafferty and I had dinner with some of the great folks from the OFA, the leading horticulture educational association in the United States. They were in town for their Grow & Sell… Read more »

Mobile CRM expected to rise by 500 percent

In a recent article by Alex Williams on TechCrunch.com, statistics from Gartner Research show that the number of mobile CRM (Customer Relationship Management) applications are expected to rise by 500 percent by 2014. This article is interesting timing for us, as we just highlighted SalesLogix Mobile and Sage CRM Mobile… Read more »

Sage Summit registration is open!

Earlier today, the Twitter hashtag #SageSummit exploded. It just happened to coincide with the opening of Sage Summit Early Bird Registration. It was great to see all the Sage folks guiding people to the Sage Summit website and customers and partners announcing they’ve registered. Sage Summit Alumni and Business Care… Read more »

Welcome to The Practical Blog

Greetings, and welcome to The Practical Blog, the official blog of Practical Software Solutions! The purpose of this blog is twofold: To inform and have a bit of fun. We are serious about our work, but we’re also able to have fun as well (as anyone who has attended Sage Summit can verify)…. Read more »