Sage Summit 2016: More news coming soon

I was having one of those days where I couldn’t find anything to blog about. That doesn’t meant that there aren’t a world of topics out there. It’s just my mind wasn’t spitting out any ideas.

My media sources weren’t helping either. I usually can find a spark from articles linked on Twitter and Linked in. I also tried the Charlotte Business Journal and Greenhouse Grower Magazine. Great articles, but nothing jumped out at me as far as our business is concerned.

So just before I was resigned to write blog post about the Tampa Bay Lightning‘s chances in the playoffs without Stephen Stamkos (I could write about that, but I don’t think my bosses would be too happy about it), I got a response from the e-mail I sent to Danielle Cote, the vice president of events for Sage: Call me.

I was just hoping for a clue about when we would hear the next big announcements about Sage Summit 2016, but she gave me more than clues. She gave me hints! (Ok, that was a bit of a tease.) Seriously though, she gave me a few non-breaking-news tidbits that I can share for everyone to look out for:

$199 Sage Summit registration extended through April 30 — Ok, you got me. This was announced before I spoke with Danielle this afternoon, but I still wanted to let everyone know that Sage has extended the $199 registration for Sage Summit until the end of the month. Just visit the Sage Summit site and complete the registration. (Practical Software Solutions customers: Make sure you talk to us before you register!)

Featured conversation speakers — The Featured Conversation speakers will start being announced soon. Danielle said they’re looking at 39 different topics for these product-agnostic, general-business sessions. The Featured Conversation speakers are typically industry leaders, industry analysts and members of the business media.

This picture shows a group of businesswomen around a large table in a restaurant, leaning in to look at a picture on a cell phone. The photo was taken during Sage Summit.

Here are our Sage Construction and Real Estate customers having fun during our Customer Appreciation dinner at Sage Summit last year.

Session registration — Danielle said they’re working on something to help people select their sessions, and it should be available soon. Don’t worry if you’ve already selected sessions for Sage Summit. You can always add and remove sessions at any time. (However, I would advise against removing any hands-on lab sessions that I mentioned in a previous post.)

Heads-up to Sage partners — Danielle said partners would be wise to encourage their customers to come to Sage Summit this year. If you want a recommendation from a Sage partner that’s a serial Sage Summit attendee, we would highly recommend any partner to use Sage Summit as a platform for building on your relationships with your customers. Not only do your customers get great value from the event itself, you also get the benefit of getting to know them better as a person.

So there you have it — a few little details to tie us all over until the news starts coming fast and furious.

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