Sage City 2.0: The Idea XChange

Last year, Sage made big news in the events industry when they rolled out Sage City at last year’s Sage Summit in Nashville. Instead of wasting time, money and energy on yet another motivational speaker and a big awards presentation, Sage decided to invest in what their customers really wanted: More networking opportunities.

Sage City allowed customers to divide themselves among “villages” that represented their special business interests, and from there, the could join a group to talk about a specific topic. After having a discussion about their problems and solutions, they could choose to either go to a new village or topic, or stay where they were. The ideas were disseminated by social media and posted on the idea board for the rest of the conference.

This year, the folks at Sage are trying even harder to give the people what they want. There will be an opportunity to continue the conversations started at Sage City during the Idea XChange. During Thursday morning, customers will have two chances to attend round-table discussions based on more than 60 of the most popular topics discussed during Tuesday’s Sage City. (Don’t worry: They will pick from all subject matters, so it won’t be an “ERP Only Club.”) The best news is that this will be all customer-generated content. You’ll be dealing with the real-world issues that you and your peers deal with on a day-to-day basis.

The Idea XChange topics will be announced on the Wednesday between Sage City and the Idea XChange through the Sage Summit mobile app, and printed handouts available at the Information Desks.

Here’s networking expert Sarah Michel explaining the Idea XChange sessions:

Ok, I tried to be all fancy and embed the video, but WordPress wasn’t working with me today.  (Edit: Eight months later and I finally figured out how to do it! Yay)

Have a safe Memorial Day weekend!

One thought on “Sage City 2.0: The Idea XChange

  1. Jann Guthridge

    The Sage City was a great idea last year, only thing lacking was some sort of followup.. Now it looks like we’ll have that opportunity this year! It’s nice to see good ideas grow.

    Thanks Amanda for keeping us up to date on all the Summit happenings! The video link worked just fine for me. Everyone have a safe holiday weekend!


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