Sage Summit 2015: The tease

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I had it all planned out. It was going to be great! The partner kick-off for Sage Summit 2015 was scheduled (via webcast) for 1 p.m. Eastern yesterday, and I figured if I waited until then, I’d have some kick-butt information to share with my readers. Sure, it would mean a huge gap between blog posts (sorry about last week), but it would be worth the wait!


OK, so one thing I learned was that I’m pretty much on top of things when it comes to reporting on news about Sage Summit. They really didn’t say anything on the webcast that hadn’t been mentioned before via social media or through e-mails to partners. The only thing new they did mention was they would announce the Featured Conversation speakers (read: headliners) before the end of April.

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More announcements about Sage Summit 2015 will happen by the end of April.

Yeah, that was a bit of a tease. Last year, they had some pretty big names, and more importantly, they were all relevant to a business convention. They were all business people themselves, like people from the tech field (Biz Stone, a founder of Twitter), the economy from a political standpoint (Karl Rove and Robert Gibbs), and celebrities who are successful entrepreneurs in their own right (Earvin “Magic” Johnson and Jessica Alba). Sage is promising a lineup to rival last year’s event for Sage Summit 2015.

Now, a cynic might say, “Oh, they know the roster. They’re just trying to build up anticipation for the announcement.” Well, yes and no. Of course they know who they invited, and granted, the roster is more than likely locked in to attend at this point. However, it’s also likely that contracts still need to be finalized. Or someone who they thought couldn’t come had a change in their schedule and could now participate.

And, to be honest, there’s probably a bit of showmanship mixed in as well. “Always leave them wanting more,” as the showbiz saying goes.

However, there was one really useful bit of information that was shared during the webcast: Sophie Leguillette, the vice president of marketing for Sage North America, said that all major announcements for Sage Summit 2015 will appear on social media first. This is excellent news, because that means customers and partners alike can get the information firsthand as its announced instead of it waiting to filter through the channel.

Then again, I’m sure there’s some of you out there who just rolled your eyes and said, “Oh, no … not social media!” Believe me: I used to feel the same way. However, as I’ve told many of our customers, there are ways to use social media to gather information, even if you don’t want to use them to communicate. And luckily, Sage broadcasts their messages on many different social platforms, so if you’re uncomfortable using one medium, there are other options that may be more up your alley.

Here’s a list of a few social media platforms that Sage North America uses to broadcast information about their events, and tips on how to use them if you’re just looking for breaking news.

  • LinkedIn — This option won’t offer much for anonymity, but LinkedIn is probably the most professional choice for social media. And since the Sage Summit group went public this past year, it’s easy to join up to find out what’s going on from Sage and opinions of Sage Summit attendees.
  • Facebook — Facebook by far is the most ubiquitous social media platform. According to a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center in September, 71 percent of all adults who use the internet have an active Facebook account. If you already have a Facebook account (and, well, statistically speaking, you do), it’s pretty easy to follow the Sage Summit page. You can get their updates in your news feed. And if you wish to remain hidden, you don’t have to click Like or comment on the posts. However, if you don’t interact with their posts, you’ll most likely have to go to the page itself occasionally to see updates.
  • Twitter — In my opinion, Twitter is the best place to get information about Sage Summit. Granted, part of my job is to follow social media, so I’m able to keep TweetDeck up on one of my monitors all day. But if you’re looking for the newest updates for Sage Summit, reminders for registration deadlines (by the way, you have until April 30 to get $500 off registration), contests (duh, winning!), and other Sage Summit-related conversations, Twitter is the best format. It’s also easy to stay anonymous. You do not have to have your real name as your Twitter handle or your public name. (You could be @krazykatlady2938479 or @columbuspineappledude if you so desire.) From there, I would recommend following @Sage_Summit (make sure it’s the one with the underscore!) and @SageNAmerica at the very least. If you’re a Sage Construction and Real Estate customer, @SageConstruct is a good one, too. Also, #SageSummit is the usual hashtag, but be advised that other people use it as well.

Sage has many other social media platforms (Google+, YouTube, etc.), but these are the ones I use to learn about Sage Summit. In the mean time, we’ll have to live with the tease of more information to come.

4 thoughts on “Sage Summit 2015: The tease

  1. Danielle Cote

    Amanda, you continue to delight me with your timely and “sage” advice. Yes, social media is the way to stay on top of late-breaking news and other tips you’ll only see there 🙂

  2. Jann Guthridge

    Amanda, As always, we can depend on you to keep us informed. YOU are my first social media resource! Always look forward to a blog post from you.

    1. Amanda Tomaini Lamela Post author

      Thanks Jann! Apparently, my comment notifications got turned off, so I missed your reply! Thanks for the support, and for continuing to be awesome!


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