Prices for Sage Summit are now insane!

There’s nothing worse than going on an incredible week’s vacation to Florida, visiting friends and family across the state, only to wind up sicker than a dog for the first three days of the next week. All I got for Thanksgiving was double pink eye and viral pharyngitis (otherwise known as a really nasty sore throat). Being sick is one thing — imagining that nobody’s going to believe you’re sick after a week’s vacation is another horror story. Luckily, the gang at Practical Software Solutions is quite understanding and allowed me to stay home. (And let’s face it: They don’t want the plague either.)

So here I am once again, sitting at my desk in Concord, N.C., trying to catch up on things that need to be caught up on. Everything was going to plan, especially since I worked my tail off in the days before my vacation to make sure I wouldn’t be behind the 8-ball when I came back.

I was getting out e-mails to our customers for our monthly online user group meeting, Tuesdays with Practical, and sign-ups for our second anniversary edition were rolling in. I sent out e-mails to our grower prospects for our two free webinars for Grower Vertical, leading up to MANTS in January.

But as I was catching up on e-mails while I was eating lunch, I saw something that nearly made me spit my lemon-honey tea all over my laptop. (Vince would have killed me if I did. I just got this computer!) Starting today, customers can sign up for Sage Summit 2014 for only $99! Yes, that’s $99 dollars! For the whole session. Whoa! This is in Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay, no less!

Last year, our customers were eligible for up to $400 off the regular admission price if they registered during the Early Bird period (which usually runs April through May). Think about it: Even with that much of a reduction, it cost way more than $99 per person to attend.

So, you may say, what’s the catch? No, there isn’t fine print that says you can take advantage of this deal only on days beginning with the letter Q. The only catch is that customers must sign up before Jan. 15 to be eligible for this special pricing.

From the traffic I’ve been seeing on Twitter, the Sage Summit crew has promised this to be the best Sage Summit ever. If they’re starting out with this much of a bang, I can’t imagine what else they have in store.

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