Bettering ourselves; better for our customers

It’s been a pretty busy week here at Practical Software Solutions. People have been going in different directions across the country, and it’s been nearly as quiet as the holidays are around here. Really, the only drawback to this was that we didn’t have enough people to fill out our roster for the company softball team (Practically Champs) on Wednesday.

Some of us were visiting a couple of our newest Sage X3 ERP customers, making sure things were kicking off the right way. We work closely with all of our customers through our Implementation Methodology, making sure we’re building a partnership during the entire process and beyond.

We also had people at our newest Grower Vertical customer, who are well into their implementation. If I may so myself, Grower Vertical is an amazing module for Sage ERP, which gives horticulture companies a software solution that takes into account the nuances of manufacturing and distributing a live product. The most amazing part just may be how our customers have contributed to the success of Grower Vertical. It seems that with every new customer, they bring a concept or a solution to a problem that has been a thorn in their side for ages. Even our long-standing customers come back to us with feedback, suggestions, and solutions. This means Grower Vertical isn’t just a static, one-size-fits-all program that we try to shoehorn into everyone’s business.

Some of our development team was in training this week to brush up on Sage X3. Technology is always changing (see above), so we can’t just sit here and rely on what we learned last year, last month, last week, and even yesterday. We’ve got to keep current with all our products so we can deliver solutions for our customers. We also had some of our sales staff away at training hosted by Sage.

Throw in a couple of sniffles, injuries, and vacations, and this leaves you with a recipe for a very quiet office.

But this also shows that when we’re not at our desks, we’re staying very busy. Most importantly, we’re doing things to help us be a better partner to our customers.

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