App is a must for Sage Summit

There’s so much to take in at Sage Summit that it can get confusing at times. With different events, sessions and classes all happening at the same time, keeping track of your own schedule can be a bit of a nightmare.

You could print out your schedule, but you really don’t want to carry around paperwork for hours on end. You could have everything in your Outlook calendar, but that’s only your schedule, not the entire event.

The best solution is to download the Sage Summit 2013 app for Apple or Android platforms via Google Play. (Go ahead and download it now. I’ll wait. Oh, and make sure you download the one for 2013. They have a new vendor this year, so the old one won’t work or update.)

You can keep track of everything going on at Summit from this one little app. Once you sign in with your Summit registration information (the same login and password you used to register for the event), you’ll find three pages worth of applications to help make your Summit easier, and a bit more fun.

As I hinted before, your schedule and the overall schedule are there in one place. You can also find lists of the speakers, the exhibitors, and the Endorsed Socialites. You can also see maps of the venues, including the National Museum of American History and the National Harbor.

One of the coolest apps is the Session Q&A. You can click on the session you’re attending to submit a question to the speaker. It looks like you can even submit a question ahead of time.

And, of course, there’s the bit of fun. The Gamification app is a great way to participate socially without having to start a Twitter or Foursquare account. This is a social game in which you earn points by completing certain tasks daily, such as checking in at different locations and completing polls. There will be a daily prize for the person who earns the most points.

It’s also the catch-all app to find all the pictures and videos being captured while at Summit.

The Sage Summit 2013 app is officially launching tomorrow, July 9, but if you’re following this Endorsed Socialite, I’ll allow you to go download it right now. (Just kidding, it’s a soft launch today, so anyone can go get it.)

Look me up in the app, and I hope to meet you all at Sage Summit!

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