Practical Named In 20 Most Promising Sage Providers

Have you ever done a good deed and been instantly rewarded for it? I’m not sure if there is such a thing as instant karma, but sometimes coincidences work out that way.

Last Friday, I published a blog post about our friends over at DemandLink being named one of the 20 Most Promising Demand & Forecasting Technology Solution Providers by CIO Review. Less than an hour later, our friend Darcy Boreo tweeted out that Practical Software Solutions was included in CIO Review’s 20 Most Promising Sage Solutions Providers for 2018.

On my honor, I did not know we were going to be named to that CIO Review list or that it was going to be published right after I posted our blog post. Heck, it took me a couple more hours to realize that Darcy tweeted that out!

Needless to say, we’re over the moon to be named as one of the 20 Most Promising Sage Solutions Providers, especially by an industry publication. CIO Review is a technology magazine that is “at the forefront of guiding organizations through the continuously disruptive landscape and providing enterprise solutions to redefine the business goals of enterprises tomorrow,” according to its website.

Moreover, by the looks of it, the 20 Most Promising Sage Solutions Providers is not a paid advertisement or a grab of the Top 20 partners in sales. (Some of the companies on the list don’t even sell Sage solutions. They publish complementary products for Sage solutions, like our friends over at Core Associates, the creators of TimberScan.)

Here’s what the accompanying article said about how the 20 Sage providers were chosen:

To help CIOs find the right Sage solution provider for their business, a distinguished selection panel has studied dozens of Sage solution providers that have enabled their clients to achieve Sage ROI quickly. The listing showcases Sage experts that help clients optimize their business workflow and business performance, allowing them to make the most of the next transformative wave of business software.

Interestingly, the list encompasses all of Sage’s products, from manufacturing and distribution systems to its construction and real estate lines. That’s rare to see all of Sage’s solutions being considered. And from a cursory look of the list, it looks like Practical Software Solutions is the only one of the 20 named that works with both Sage ERP solutions and Sage CRE solutions.

It’s always special when you’re recognized by your friends in the business world. It’s a different kind of honor when an independent body recognizes you.

Sage Promising

As a Sage solutions provider, we try our best to provide high quality service to our customers whenever they need us.

“It’s an honor to be recognized along with the biggest names in the Sage ecosystem,” said Practical Software CEO Vince Stamey. “The fact that this honor came from outside of the Sage family lets us know we’re truly having an impact in the business world. We will continue to honor this recognition by providing our customers with the quality value and service they’ve come to expect.”

Our friends at Sage also have taken time to congratulate us on this recognition. Our Sage Partner Account Manager on the manufacturing and distribution side, Gary Maher, has been in the trenches with us over the past year helping to build a better foundation for our Grower Vertical for Sage Enterprise Management.

“Practical is an extremely important partner to Sage,” he said. “Their innovation and focus sets them apart and allows them to excel in a unique manner. Vertical focus and expertise is a strong point of Practical Software. I’ve been in attendance at the Cultivate show in Columbus and was able to see firsthand how their Grower Vertical software combined with Sage is a unique fit in adding efficiency and productivity to growers and greenhouses.”

Rhiannon Thompson, one of our Sage 100 Contractor customers and a contributor to this blog, also shared her excitement about hearing we were so honored.

“Working with Practical Software Solutions has been nothing short of spectacular,” she said. “We were so fortunate to find them all those years ago at ConExpo Con/Agg in Las Vegas. They answered our entire list of questions (literally — I think it took two hours) and by the end of the session, we were sold. I couldn’t wait to get back and dive right in! Practical Software Solutions was instrumental in not only our implementation, but also everything that has come up since then. Anytime we need help with a report they’re right there. Payroll issue? Boom! Question answered. Need help on premise? They’ll come help! Without Practical, we would be in the dark.

They also work hard every year to get all of their clients together and treat us to a great evening where we can talk with other users and enjoy some great food! It’s amazing to hear stories of other fellow Sage users at conferences who don’t have a business partner or have one that doesn’t give them any direction. I’m BEYOND thankful for the help that Practical has offered, and continues to offer, us along our Sage journey! They are definitely deserving of this honor!”

We’d like to thank Gary, Rhiannon and all of our Sage partners and customers who help make us a success. We will do our best to always provide top quality service to everyone we work with.

One thought on “Practical Named In 20 Most Promising Sage Providers

  1. Jann Guthridge

    This is a WELL earned award. The Practical Software “family” over the years has always been knowledgable, professional, but even more than that… they are fun to work with. They sometimes go beyond to get the answers you need and always give you the level of support that few are capable of doing.


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