Sage Summit 2017 session registration now available

It feels weird to say it, but there’s less than a month left to Sage Summit 2017 in Atlanta. This year, Sage Summit takes place from May 9-11 at the Georgia World Congress Center.

There’s a few things to keep in mind now we’re heading into crunch time. First of all, make sure to take advantage of Early Bird registration, which was extended to April 14. For non-customers, Sage Summit registration is $199 until then.

Sage Summit 2017 session 1

If you’re sitting in the keynote session listening to Stephen Kelly, it’s probably too late to sign up for the best sessions at Sage Summit 2017

For Sage customers, make sure to contact your business partner to take advantage of $99 registration. Your partner will have a special link for you use for registration. This special deal is good up to the event itself, in case you need to make a last-minute decision going to Sage Summit.

The next thing to keep in mind is that Sage Summit 2017 is only a day and a half for customers. This means planning your agenda before-hand will be important if you want to attend the courses that pique your interest.

Sage Summit 2017 Session Planning

This year brings a new scheduling program for Sage Summit 2017, and it seems to work much better than in years past. From the login process (which doesn’t involve jumping around multiple registration portals) to cross-referencing recurring sessions, I had much less trouble signing up for sessions this year.

Sage Summit 2017 session 2

This is the box you’re looking for to log into the session registration for Sage Summit 2017.

First of all, when you click on the Sessions link at the top of the Sage Summit page, you’ll see a box on the left side of the screen with a button that says “Log on to My Agenda.” Make sure to use this box to log in. The “Log on” link at the top of the website takes you to Summit registration.

You can browse and select your sessions under the Catalog tab. While it may seem annoying that the sessions are listed in alphabetical order, the grid can be sorted by clicking any of the headers. (It took me a little bit to realize that the headers were clickable.)

By clicking on the plus sign on the left side of an entry, it’ll open up to show the session description, audience and products details, time and location, and the session speakers. If you see a green arrow symbol on the right-hand side of the grid, that means the session will happen multiple times. When you open up the session details, you can see the additional times and locations.

Another handy feature this year is that you can sign up for recurring sessions from any of the instances in the catalog grid. For example, I went to sign up for AL-677, “Sage online resources: Get fast answers anytime, anywhere” on Wednesday at 4:45 p.m. When I did, I got the option to either sign up for that one or sign up for the other session occurring on Thursday at 2:15 p.m. (I ended up signing up for the Thursday session that way.)

Standard fine print: Sage Summit sessions are subject to change

There are several reasons why it’s important to sign up early for Sage Summit sessions. First and foremost, the best ones fill up the fastest.

Just like when you used to register classes for school, the popular sessions fill up first during Sage Summit. Hands-down, the most popular sessions are the hands-on sessions (not apologizing for the pun). These are the sessions that are set up as computer labs where attendees can interact with the products they’re learning about.

It’s also important to register for sessions early to give Sage enough time to adjust if additional sessions are needed for popular classes. This is especially important this year with the truncated schedule.

Conversely, Sage also needs to know if there’s enough interest in a session in order for it to remain on the schedule. If attendees wait until the last minute to register for sessions, it doesn’t give Sage a good idea of what sessions can be adjusted ahead of time.

Additionally, the fine print always reads the same: All of the sessions at Sage Summit 2017 are subject to change or cancellation. (Just ask Greg Lafferty, who told me yesterday that two sessions he signed up for already changed.) It could be for the reasons above, or a speaker may have to cancel, or some other reason.

That’s why it’s always a good idea to revisit the catalog a couple of times before Sage Summit. Not only can sessions change, but also new sessions can also be added. For example, a speaker may not be able to confirm their appearance until the last minute, so that session may be on hold until they’re sure they’re attending.

So if you want to get in the best sessions for Sage Summit 2017, it’s better to take a few minutes now to register.

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