Sage Summit 2017: The Return of Sage 500 ERP

“…¬†some things that should not have been forgotten were lost. History became legend, legend became myth and for four and a half years, Sage 500 passed out of all knowledge …”

With apologies to the screenwriters of The Lord of the Rings, and a slight apology to Sage, there’s good news to announce for users of Sage 500 across North America. Sage 500 will have a noticeable presence at Sage Summit 2017, after several years of it being swept under the rug.

Sage 500 at Sage Summit

Last year it was buttons. This year, Sage 500 customers will have much more representation at Sage Summit 2017.

It’s no big secret that several years ago, a certain Sage executive stood up at Sage Summit and blurted out that Sage 500 ERP could possibly, potentially, maybe, “don’t quote me on it,” might could be sunset by 2017. Well, he may as well have said they pulled the plug on the entire operation, because, as one of my journalism professors once said, “perception is reality.”

Now to be fair (and honest), the reason I must apologize to Sage — more specifically, to the executives at Sage right now — is there’s nobody left from the Sage executive team who were around when that announcement was made. Even better, it finally looks like the executive team in place right now are trying to renew their relationship with its Sage 500 customers, including accepting responsibility for the actions of those who came before them.

Sessions devoted to Sage 500 at Sage Summit

The best example I have for Sage improving its relationship with its Sage 500 customers are the sessions they have scheduled for Sage Summit 2017. They didn’t just schedule six different Sage 500-specific sessions at Sage Summit. They even asked the Customer Advisory Board to ask their peers to come up with the topic of one of those ideas.

Now let me stop you before you finish the thought, “What? Only six sessions?” Don’t forget that Sage Summit only lasts a day and a half this year for customers. Considering there are opening keynote speeches (when there are no sessions going on) both days, six sessions would just about fill up an entire agenda this year.

There are also a couple of sessions that apply to Sage 500 customers that aren’t strictly devoted to the system, such as SP-103: “Major software categories are colliding: Navigating the increasingly complex world of ERP, CRM, Ecommerce, and CIM.”

Click here to see a list of the sessions scheduled so far for Sage Summit 2017.

More information adding up for Sage 500 customers

Six sessions at Sage Summit 2017. That can be the best news ever for some and the ultimate “whatever” for others. And rightly so. Sage 500 customers have heard for years that things would get better for them.

Sage 500 at Sage Summit 2017

Sage once again seems to be banging the drum for Sage 500.

But recently, some of us Sage 500 partners have told the new blood of Sage executives just exactly what it’s been like for our Sage 500 customers and what they’ve been telling us. That was only a couple of months ago, and look what the result is: Those Sage Summit sessions.

And I agree that’s not much. But if it’s only the beginning, that’s a bit more meaningful. And we’ve told the folks at Sage their Sage 500 customers don’t want the world. They don’t want a fully reworked and updated system. It’s a darn good system and they like it the way it is. They just want to be taken care of as well as the platform they purchased and pay support for.

And it does really seem like that was truly a beginning. There are a few more tech people and some more marketing people solely dedicated to Sage 500. That’s great news for Linda Cade, the Senior Product Manager, who practically has been running a one-person show for the last few years.

So if you are a Sage 500 customer, I would say it’s worth it to attend Sage Summit 2017 to see if they are true to their word. Contact your Sage partner to receive a link for $99 registration. It may be a great investment to see the potential reinvestment¬†for yourself.

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