Sage Summit 2017: Registration and other information

It’s that time of year again: Spring is in the air, flowers are in bloom, and I get to tell all of you to start registering for Sage Summit.

But this year’s a bit different. OK, that’s not entirely true. This year is completely different. Registration for Sage Summit 2017 is open and it’s a rush to get in and get your hotel because it’s happening much sooner than in years past.

The first thing that’s different is that there won’t be a giant international Sage Summit in the United States this year. That version of Sage Summit made for a great spectacle, but many international Sage customers — many who are small business owners — can’t afford to close up shop for a week, let alone traveling to a conference halfway across the world.

Sage Summit 2017 v1

Ding … ding … ding! Sage Summit 2017 registration is now open.

In an effort to change that, Sage is hosting the Sage Summit Tour this year, with tour stops around the globe. There will be two main Sage Summit tour stops: London in April and Atlanta from May 9-11.

These two stops will have most of the trappings of Sage Summit that people are used to. There will be a partner-only day to start, then two days of customer/partner days. However, there will not be a concert or celebrity speakers.

Before you think Sage is playing this one on the cheap, it’s actually because once again they listened to customer feedback. According to data that Sage compiled, only 1 percent of customers said the concerts and celebrities mattered to them. This allowed Sage to put their money where the customers’ mouths said they wanted it: Bringing Summit closer to home for more people.

That brings us to the smaller Sage Summit 2017 tour stops, which began in Paris last November. These two-day tour stops will mostly focus on doing business in the country where the tour stop is taking place and the products Sage offers there as well.

The South African and German tour stop are taking place this week while the one in Australia took place last week. Upcoming events include Spain (April 19), Toronto (June 27-28) and Singapore (Fall 2017).

Aside from the international events, there will also be eight Sage Sessions events across North America. These free, one-day events will be like the Sage Inspire Tour stops from a few years ago. These stops will be in:

  • Halfax: March 15
  • Montreal: April 10
  • Calgary: August 1
  • Vancouver: September 19
  • Chicago: April, TBD
  • Los Angeles/Orange County: June, TBD
  • New York City: July, TBD
  • Dallas: September, TBD

Registration and Event Details for Sage Summit 2017

The good news about the smaller Sage Summit events is the cost: Even if you miss out on early bird registration or regular registration for Sage Summit 2017, the most you’ll pay is $399 per person. That’s half what Sage Summit normally costs.

Early bird registration for Sage Summit 2017 in Atlanta, which is $199, ends Wednesday, March 15. Then, for the month after that, registration will be $299. After April 15, registration goes up to the $399 price point.

However, if you are a Sage customer or a Sage Summit alumni, you can receive $99 registration for Sage Summit 2017. If you are a Sage customer, make sure only to use the link from your Sage partner in order to get registered correctly. If you’re not sure who your partner is, contact Sage’s customer service.

Here’s some more tidbits about what we know about Sage Summit 2017:

  • No Sage CRE at Summit: Due to an unfortunate scheduling conflict with the 2017 TUG National Users Conference, there will be limited to no content for Sage Construction and Real Estate customers at Sage Summit 2017. On the bright side, the TUG conference is a great experience if you’re looking for training for Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate, Sage Estimating or Sage 100 Contractor. It’s got a much heftier price tag, but it’s worth every penny for the amount of training you’ll receive. We also have it on good authority (from Sage CEO Stephen Kelly himself — thanks to Rhiannon Thompson from Davidson Excavating¬†writing to him) that this scheduling conflict won’t happen again.
  • Calling all Sage 500 folks: So far, there are six planned sessions devoted to Sage 500 ERP (including one suggested by customers) along with a couple of other sessions that will be relevant to the Sage 500 folks.
  • Breakfast is served: During a meeting last week, representatives from the Sage Events Team said there would be breakfast served this year.
  • Partner Day: Like last year, the first day of Sage Summit 2017 will be devoted to Sage partners.
  • Featured Conversation speakers: The Featured Conversation speakers stay in house for Sage Summit 2017. The three speakers from Sage will be Nick Goode, the EVP of Product Management; Alain Lang, the EVP of Partners and Alliances; and Jennifer Warawa, the EVP of Product Marketing.
  • Networking Party: Instead of a blow-out concert, Sage will host a Networking Party on Wednesday, May 10 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. This also aligns with customers telling Sage they wanted more networking opportunities at Summit.

As we get closer to May, we’ll have more information about sessions and other details about Sage Summit 2017, so stay tuned.

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    1. Amanda Tomaini Lamela Post author

      Hi Carole,

      The list of hotels and their special rates are listed once you register on the Sage Summit website: I do believe all of the hotels are next to the conference center at the Georgia World Congress Center.

      If you need more help, I can have someone from Sage contact you.



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